Here’s a horrible video that sums up the atrocious failure that is Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan

I honestly hate to post this video, but I’m doing it anyway because it truly sums up the atrocious failure of the Biden administration in Afghanistan, where Biden not only allowed the Taliban to take over the entire country, but in doing so created a humanitarian situation so desperate that one Afghan ended up stuck in the landing gear of a C17 transport plane carried 640 civilians out of Kabul yesterday.

Use discretion before watching the video:

If you’d rather not watch it, here’s a photo that sums it up as well:

Just fyi, the movement you see in the video is probably ‘flapping’ in the wind. Totally heartbreaking.

Again, I take no pleasure in posting this video but I feel it’s necessary given the desperate situation on the ground that Biden’s failure allowed. This is what Biden should have owned yesterday before he went back on his vacation. It represents perhaps the worst foreign policy failure in American history.

By the way, this is the flight that people were clinging too to get out of Kabul yesterday. 640 made it onto the plane:

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