Here’s how CNN covers Biden crime family getting payments from Chinese company

CNN finally covered the blockbuster revelation yesterday of the Biden crime family getting payments from over a million in payments from a Chinese energy company.

They ran it this morning and at first seemed to be covering it reasonably well.

But the reporter said that the Republican memo “did not link these payments in any way to Joe Biden.”

“I want to be crystal clear about that.”

And she says the memo “does not show that President Joe Biden, while he was Vice President, used his position to either direct these payments or to try to enrich his own family members in any way.”

She ends it by saying “but so far [Republicans] have not provided any evidence of wrongdoing.”

There are so many things wrong with this reporting.

For starters, she never even mentions the ‘unknown Biden’ when she claims the memo “did not link these payments in any way to Joe Biden.” That’s a pretty big omission.

Then she claims the memo doesn’t show Joe used his influence as VP to make any of this happen. We yeah, the memo was based on a SARs report. But she’s ignoring well-known testimony from Tony Bobulinski who was part of the deal, who said Joe Biden was absolutely involved.

Also, Joe Biden has actually said himself that he used his influence to get the top Ukrainian prosecutor fired, who was investigating the very company who was paying his son big money. But she doesn’t mention that or connect the dots on any of this.

No, her job was to report on this and make it seem like this is a big fat nothing burger. And that’s exactly what she did.

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