Here’s how Dems, and John McCain, will try to derail Trump’s CIA director nominee: TORTURE

El Trumpo announced that he’s nominating a new CIA director, Gina Haspel. She is the deputy CIA Director and comes with a great resume.

Almost immediately Democrats starting saying how they’re going to try to undermine the nomination during the confirmation process – she was part of the CIA leadership when they were using “advanced interrogation techniques” that Dems and others are saying were torture.

And John McCain is gonna help them:

Here’s Tom Rogan at the Washington Examiner, explaining why she’s a great pick:

Pompeo’s tenure at CIA has been positively defined by his encouragement to operations officers to take greater risks in the pursuit of higher value intelligence gains. As deputy director under Pompeo, it is likely that Haspel shares Pompeo’s affinity for high-risk enterprising. If not, Pompeo would not likely have recommended her to the president.

And in that, President Trump also deserves credit here. After all, Trump is often accused of politicizing the intelligence process, and sometimes does so, as with his comments on Russia at various times. Yet here, he has appointed a career professional rather than a lackey. The distinction is crucially important in an era in which the U.S. faces a diversity of threats from terrorism to state instability to rising challenges from China and Russia.

Ultimately, it is telling that former CIA directors from John Brennan to Mike Hayden are lining up behind Haspel’s nomination. They recognize that Haspel retains the trust of her workforce and the competency to objectively represent its products and interests at the White House.

While Democrats will regurgitate their fake news torture report in order to oppose Haspel’s nomination, Trump and Republicans should reach out to nonpartisan patriots like Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, and give Haspel their full support.

I have spoken to a former CIA agent about this issue and he says the CIA agents were completely thrown under the bus by Obama and others on the subject of advanced interrogation techniques, and that people calling it torture were completely exaggerating. On the other hand, I’ve seen some stuff that was used on detainees that made me a little uneasy about those techniques. Either way, I don’t think it should prohibit anyone from confirming Haspel, who seems like a good pick.

Even Trump-hating James Clapper thinks she’s a great pick:

And some other takes on her nomination:

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