Here’s how many Millennials get money from mommy and daddy on a MONTHLY basis…

Yes, it’s bad. If you clicked on the link because of the headline [as we usually plan these things], then let me tell you, it’s as bad as you think it is. Probably worse.

It’s 37%.

More than a third of all Millennials.

Nearly four out of every ten Millennials you know get money from mommy and daddy on a monthly basis just to continue their wretched existence on this amazingly wonderful planet.


There’s this statistic, which really isn’t as bad:

More than half of Americans (53%) aged 21 to 37 have received financial assistance from a parent, guardian, or family member since turning 21, according to the 2018 Country Financial Security Index.

That’s a high number, but honestly, it’s reasonable that some young people might need assistance from family after turning 21. It’s not ideal, but emergencies happen.

This. from the Business Insider, is frightening though:

About 37% of millennials receive money on a monthly basis, and more than half (59%) receive money several times a year. Many are putting this money towards basic needs, both small and significant, like cell phone bills, groceries and gas, health insurance, and rent.

Let me sum up that paragraph: we are doomed.

If you can’t earn a living without assistance from mommy and daddy on a monthly basis, you need to change some things. Find a better job. Move to a cheaper place. Redo your budget.

There’s always some people who, through no fault of their own, just need help. That’s understandable. But I guarantee you that 37% of Millennials are not that.

So much of the American identity in the past has been about self-reliance and toughness. How is it OK to live off your parents without feeling some shame? The American empire will not be brought down by our external enemies, no one is powerful enough. But we CAN erode our character to the point where we cannot continue.

I reiterate: We are doomed.

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