Here’s how ‘Red Flag’ laws would ACTUALLY work

In the aftermath of the Uvalde, Texas elementary school massacre, America is predictably hyperfocused on guns instead of root causes or problems. Liberals and the media actually believe and actually say out loud that school security and mental health issues are sideshows and that the fact that weapons exist is the REAL root cause. Like morality and gender and everything else, they have it upside down by their nature.

Which is of course the EXACT problem with the new hot topic. See everyone wants to enact Red Flag laws. The media, Democrats, squishy Republicans, Never Trumpers – they are all on the Red Flag law bandwagon. And, again, that’s exactly the problem with these laws that would decide some people aren’t to be permitted their constitutional rights because they have triggered a “red flag.”

Bitcofer gives the game away in one tweet. That is EXACTLY how it will work. The same elites that are the entirety of the non-Fox News media (and plenty of Fox News too) are the ones who would be deciding who is a threat.

The same people that decided veterans were a threat and that Antifa isn’t.

The same people called Jan 6 an “insurrection” but didn’t care at all about someone shooting up a Republican softball practice.

THOSE people would be the ones deciding.

Doesn’t sound too good to me.


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