Here’s how SCUMMY Ocasio-Cortez’ supporters are!

The “tolerant” left is showing how classy they are yet again after a little twitter scuffle between Mao-xandria Ocommie-Cortez and Steve Scalise, who almost died when he was shot by a Bernie Bro before the congressional baseball game.

Scalise criticized Ocasio for her insane suggestion that the top tax rate go to 70% in order to fund her idiotic socialist schemes.

He doesn’t explain the intricacies of how marginal tax rates work, but the sentiment is the same – taking 70% of any wealth earned by an American is just immoral.

Of course, OCommie-Cortez, the Sandinista Barista, sets up a strawman argument to attack Scalise:

But it gets even more interesting once her scummy followers jump into the fray – instead of debating the issue, they mock about Scalise being nearly MURDERED by a left-wing extremist maniac motivated by his political agenda:

Pretty despicable.

This idiot still has his tweet still up – there are no consequences on the left:

Ironically, as I was searching for that first tweet, I found a bunch of others about liberals wishing that Republicans had been massacred:

This only gets press in the right wing media – the mainstream media couldn’t give a damn.

[H/t Daily Wire]

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