Here’s how the election would go for Trump if it was held today…

Jon Karl says that Trump’s last three weeks were the worst in Presidential politics he’s ever seen, and it’s definitely showing up in the polls.

The ABC News panel put together their electoral maps based on the polling if the election were held today. Not surprisingly, el Trumpo does not fair well:

Every pundit has him losing and losing big. Here’s Jon Karl’s map:

election trump map

These are all estimates of course, but even Republicans are admitting that Trump is doing terribly right now. And he just announced that he has absolutely no intention of “pivoting” to be more “presidential” or tone it down. So what can we expect from Trump this week? Will he punch some babies? Kick puppies and snap the necks of kittens? I’d put money on his implying that Hillary is transgender, Hindu, and black. Why not? Not only is he insane, but words have no meaning, so what the heck!!

Feel free to make your predictions on what el Trumpo might do outrageously this week to make the polls dive even further…

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