Here’s leaked audio of Goodyear explaining ban on Blue Lives Matter, White Lives Matter attire and it’s worse than we thought…

NBC News 15 got their hands on some audio from Goodyear that reveals someone explaining their unfair new policy:

Here’s more from NBC 15:

New audio from the training at the Topeka Goodyear plant gives more details about what was talked about in that meeting, including updates on their zero-tolerance policy.

13 NEWS-WIBW obtained an audio recording of the presentation. The speaker referenced instances of racial graffiti in the locker room, and detailed what is and is not allowed under the company’s zero-tolerance policy.

“Some people may wish to express their views on social justice or inequity or equity issues such as black lives matter or LGBTQ pride on their face coverings, shirts or wristbands. That will be deemed approved because it applies with a zero-tolerance stance,” the speaker said during the meeting. “However if any associate wears all, blue, white lives matter shirts or face coverings, that will be not appropriate.”

The unidentified speaker says the rules were created to make a better work environment.

“The rules around now what you can wear. Let’s try and comply with these so you know everybody feels good in this factory. I want to make sure guys, think about what we do in this factory, in this factory right. We all work together to make tires that’s what we do. That’s what we get paid to do. So, let’s continue to do that and do the right thing and keep this place what it has always been, a good place to work,” the speaker said.

The speaker does not specifically mention the Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan shown on the slide, but did say political campaigns are a no-go.

“Democrat. Republican. Trump. Biden. Sanders. Whatever. That will no longer be allowed in the plant,” he listed off.

As they note, the speaker doesn’t mention MAGA specifically. But he does say that Blue Lives Matter and White Lives Matter attire is banned, adding that Black Lives Matter and LGBT attire complies with a “zero-tolerance stance”.

So both Blue and White Lives Matter doesn’t comply with a “zero-tolerance stance”? What exactly is he saying here? That police or white people getting discriminated against or killed is ok?

Matt Walsh says Goodyear is making this policy based on racial grounds:

NBC 15 reports that Goodyear is claiming they didn’t create the zero-tolerance image that went around yesterday, noting that “A spokesperson declined comment when asked if it was created locally, or if the content was inaccurate.”

As a reminder, this is what the image showed:

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