Here’s the EXCUSE the left will use to force actual women to compete against transgender women [VIDEO]

ESPN had on today a transgender female (read: biological male) ‘trailblazer’ so that he could explain just how tough it is for him to compete with actual women on the track:

Dude actually claims he’s at a disadvantage? Good grief.

Everything on the left it seems is bass ackward from the way it should be. They call murder ‘love’ and defense against murder ‘hate’. They call women ‘men’ and men ‘women’ and also none of the above apparently (non-binary).

And now they creating excuses to say that biological males who are transgendering have the disadvantage in competing against women because of hormones. Puh-leez. They win every time.

The only reason people like CeCe Telfer are saying this is to try and make it acceptable in society for transgeder females to compete against women in higher-level sports. Like the Olympics, for example. And it will probably happen too, because that’s the trajectory of our society.

Everything is backwards and nothing makes sense!

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