Here’s the list of judges Trump says he will choose from to replace Anthony Kennedy; And the TOP PICKS!

Mitch McConnell says the Senate will confirm a new Supreme Court justice this fall:

Trump says this list of 25 people is where the next Supreme Court Justice will come from:

CNN has weighed in on who they think will be the top picks from the list below. I should note that I’ve seen some of these same names on Fox News and MSNBC, so I think these are names that have been circulated.

Here’s the full list:

United States Courts of Appeals

  • Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit
    • Brett Kavanaugh*** (born 1965)
  • Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit
    • Thomas Hardiman* (born 1965)
  • Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit
    • Don Willett* (born 1966) (appointed by Trump)
  • Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit
    • Raymond Kethledge* (born 1966)
    • Joan Larsen* (born 1968)  (appointed by Trump)
    • Amul Thapar** (born 1969) (elevated by Trump)
  • Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit
    • Amy Coney Barrett*** (born 1972)  (appointed by Trump)
    • Diane Sykes* (born 1957)
  • Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit
    • Steven Colloton* (born 1963)
    • Raymond Gruender* (born 1963)
    • David Stras* (born 1974)  (appointed by Trump)
  • Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit
    • Allison Eid* (born 1965)  (appointed by Trump)
    • Neil Gorsuch** (born 1967)  (nominated and confirmed)
    • Timothy Tymkovich** (born 1956)
  • Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit
    • Kevin Newsom*** (born 1972) (appointed by Trump)
    • Bill Pryor* (born 1962)
  • Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
    • Meg Ryan** (born 1964)

United States District Courts

  • Federico A. Moreno** (born 1952) – District Judge, United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida[12]

State Supreme Courts

  • Keith Blackwell** (born 1975) – Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Georgia
  • Charles Canady** (born 1954) – Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Florida
  • Britt Grant*** (born 1978)[25] – Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Georgia (nominated to the Eleventh Circuit)
  • Thomas Rex Lee* (born 1964) – Associate Justice, Utah Supreme Court  (possible candidate for a Circuit Court vacancy)
  • Edward Mansfield** (born 1957) – Associate Justice, Iowa Supreme Court
  • Patrick Wyrick*** (born 1981)[25] – Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Oklahoma (nominated to the Western District of Oklahoma)
  • Robert Young Jr.** (born 1951) – Former Chief Justice, Michigan Supreme Court

United States Senators

  • Mike Lee** (born 1971) – Senator from Utah
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