Here’s the REAL reason so-called mainstream journalists are insanely *enraged* at Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss over Twitter Files

It’s not the exclusivity (of which they are jealous) or the bypassing of their outlets (which burns them like the sun) or even the fact that their pals at the DNC have been exposed (which they work tirelessly to prevent). It’s not even their innate hatred of Musk. None of those are what is the REAL reason the journos are so enraged. It’s much deeper than that.

Because you see, when you get right down to it, the thing that’s driving them apoplectic is what all of those other things are part of, and Matt Taibbi explains it in his latest TWitter Files article.

Taibbi writes that he was at first worried about trying to do this huge amount of info in the form of tweet threads, but now he can’t imagine doing it any other way. “There’s the obvious deep irony of using the familiar drip-drip-drip format and uncontrollable virality of Twitter to roast Twitter itself,” he says. “We’re also using an inherently destabilizing medium to expose efforts to turn Twitter into an authoritarian instrument of social control.”

“There’s genius in this,” he says, and he’s right. It’s beautiful.

“This is especially the case since a major subtext of the Twitter Files project is what a burn it is on conventional/corporate media, whose minions tried for years to turn Twitter into a giant conformity machine, and cheered each new advance in censorship and opinion control,” he explains. “Those same people now have to watch in helplessness as one horrifying revelation after another spills out, guerrilla-style, into what was not long ago their private playground.”


They are feeling their absolute power and control slipping away. That’s what it is really all about.

“It’s like sending an intercontinental shit-missile screaming into the dais of the White House correspondents’ dinner at 15,000 m.p.h. If you can’t see the humor in this, you probably never had a sense of humor to begin with,” Taibbi writes.


“They hate this thing, they can’t stop it, and their condemnation doesn’t matter,” jhe says, which are all “factors they’re unused to and can’t reconcile, at least not so far.’

Here’s more from Glenn Greenwald.

By the way, Taibbi knows they aren’t though trying to end him. “I’d say more, but I’ve learned never to underestimate the capacity for pettiness in this crowd. They’ll find a way to hit back. They just haven’t yet.”

That is the dang truth, as everyone who reads Scoop knows from countless prior examples we’ve written about.

They’re coming for him now. But that won’t change what we’ve all learned. It’s too late for that. They can’t put it back in the box.

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