Here’s the video of ‘fake Trump’ taking out his opponents that has Democrats and the media OUTRAGED

There’s a video going around now of Trump taking out his opponents in brutal ways that has Democrats and the media outraged and all out of sorts.

The video was apparently played last week at a Trump resort where some of his supporters had gathered:

Here’s the full video from Youtube:

We’ve been seeing videos that make Trump look like a super hero since 2016, before he even got elected. While this one is more brutal than others I’ve seen, it really doesn’t surprise me. Somebody took a movie scene (which movie I don’t know) and turned it into a bad-ass Trump kill fest of all his enemies, including some Republicans.

This video isn’t new. It was created, as best I can tell, in late June of 2018 and it didn’t get all that many views either. It was created as a ‘parody’ by “TheGeekzTeam” and opens with Hannity talking about abuse of power at the highest levels of the FBI and how every American should be concerned about it. It then ‘diverts’ to a ‘fake news broadcast’ of Wolf Blitzer accusing Trump of separating 2,000 children from their parents at the border.

Idiot Democrats like CNN’s Brian Stelter are blaming it all on Trump. He’s been outraging about his video all over Twitter since last night:

And the WHCA (White House Correspondents’ Association) run by ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl is horrified…

Karl also blames this on Trump. Of course.

The media never miss an opportunity to blame something on Trump that he had nothing to do with, even though it’s their war on Trump from the very beginning that has caused all of this.

According to the WH Press Secretary this morning, Trump hasn’t even seen the video but is strongly condemning it based on what he’s heard about it:

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