Here’s the watered down resolution against ‘hate’ that doesn’t mention Ihan Omar by name

The House has finally released their resolution against ‘all hate’ that was originally supposed to be something condemning the anti-Semitic remarks made by Rep. Ilhan Omar.

And as was reported before, it doesn’t even mention her.

As Chris Pandolfo points out, the resolution is meaningless:

Here’s the full 7-page resolution:

In case it doesn’t show up for you for some reason, you can download it here.

After minimizing anti-Semitism by including ‘islamophobia’ in the resolution, don’t expect Omar to stop spewing her anti-Semitism.

The House will vote on it later today. But with the resolution letting Omar off the hook and Nancy Pelosi publicly giving Omar a pass, the only thing this vote really does is show how cowardly Democrats have become in the face of anti-Semitism.

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71 thoughts on “Here’s the watered down resolution against ‘hate’ that doesn’t mention Ihan Omar by name

  1. If you are Jewish and still a Democrat after this display then you either have a death wish or you are NOT really Jewish.

  2. :facepalmg: This is how the demoncraps censure. No wonder they are demoncraps no one ever spanked them for misbehaving.

  3. Wow. It pretty much blames everything Omar did on the white supremacists. Zero acknowledgment that there are Islamist groups here in the US promoting anti-Semitism and egregiously.

    While white supremacy is despicable, this is not the vehicle to condemn it. This moment is specifically due to Omar and her fellow travelers.

    And by the way, when people of her ilk speak of anti-Semitism, they are speaking of bigotry or pretend bigotry against Semitic peoples, which include many groups in the Middle East. They probably tell themselves that Jewish people are not Semites. That’s why they are able to ‘decry’ it. I’ll bet they rarely if ever decry Anti-Jew rhetoric.

  4. This document is very one-sided and overtly panders to social justice groups and Muslims. It places a lot of blame for hatred, violence, and bigotry on groups on one side of the ideological spectrum without placing just as much blame on groups on the other side. Nowhere do I read any mention of the various hate crimes perpetrated by individuals or groups other than neo-Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists against Americans in the U.S. since 9/11. All I read was a bunch of social justice double-talk, and unverified, uncorroborated figures and statistics. This is a document with little to no substance and it may as well be sanitized. No Republican or person who has not swallowed the poison pill of social justice and/or political correctness should endorse it.

  5. Looks like the NeverTrump grifters are actually slamming conservatives for hitting back at Omar’s Jew hatred. This is a new low, even for them.

    Ace (AoSHQ): Newest NeverTrump Sneer: Antisemitism Is No Reason to Shun Democrats Now, Either


    As you’re no doubt aware, what passes for wit among the NeverTrumpers is to take a positive attribute or accomplishment of Trump’s and sneer it away, with a “But” before it.

    The idea being that people who actually support the conservative movement accept the NeverTrumpers’ litany of reasons Orangemanbad is bad, but then say “But Gorsuch.”

    Or “But Kannaugh.”

    Or “But the economy.”

    Or “But abortion.”

    Or “But he fights.”

    And he posts a few tweets from them showing the new, “But Omar” sneer.

    NeverTrumpism is like one of those; “In case of fire, break glass,” stations in commercial buildings. Only the glass is completely unbreakable, and if anyone tries, they get sneered at. Better to burn than actually do something.

  6. I so thought the hypocrite Nancy would do the right thing/s.
    If the muslim witch was a republican all hell would be reined down.

  7. Daniel Horowitz
    Liberals: “Let’s bring in the entire Middle East”
    US: “Not a good idea. You will inevitably import too many who hate our shared values.”
    Liberals: “RACIST”
    One of their imported members shouts anti-semitic jihad slogans
    Liberals: “What do you expect? She comes from that culture?”
    2:28 PM · Mar 7, 2019 · Twitter Web Client

  8. Whereas Muslim Terrorists mercilessly attacked and slaughtered innocent Americans of all faiths and heritages indiscriminately, and were only prevented from causing more deaths through the brave action of a few good men on September 11, 2011, we the Democrats of today resign ourselves to lie in bed with Anti-Semite Muslims who continually defame our country and one of its closest allies with derogatory remarks because at the end of the day we agree with Muslims that the Jews really do need to die.

    There, I think I fixed it for them.

  9. If I was a republican congressman, I wouldn’t waste my time voting on this garbage. Tell Nancy, don’t waste my time Nancy and let me know when you get control of your animals

    1. I’m wondering if Tlaib and Ocrazy-O helped Stretch write the garbage. Maybe even Jackson-Lee and Mad Max. It certainly appears to contain language that they would use.

    2. I think ALL Republicans in the House should not even bother to vote for this. Do not even have your name associated with this pathetic piece of garbage. Can the STUPID COWARDLY REPUBLICANS even unite on this issue?

  10. I would like to know where are the sanctimonious republicans who trashed Steve King in the public square and removed him from all committees????Why is the GOP silent? Oh I know. They are COWARDS and they are afraid of Nancy Pelosi.

      1. Not sure they even know how to defend, any more. They are just oblivious of their surroundings and what the demwits are doing to them —- and to all of us!

  11. Where are the republicans demanding she be thrown out of office? If she were a republican every democrat would be on every network screaming for her resignation.

  12. Can you guys remember “The (Vicious) Snake” fable President Trump used to read during the rallies? Well, Omar and Rashida and last but not least Ocasio are vicious snakes……….

    1. In my NeverTrump days I always thought that fable was about himself – laughing at his supporters.

          1. What made you start thinking differently?
            In my case, the only thing that I knew about Trump was that he was a rich guy. I actually discovered who he really was while following his rallies. Today, I would take a bullet for him.

            1. When he got elected and became a pretty good president.

              Also the people who I trusted as “principled” in their opposition to Trump didnt care about any.policy goals he made that would help our country. None of that mattered as long as it was Trump doing it. Hatred is an ugly thing.

              1. I believe that it is not only hatred but brainwashing. Some really start yelling and their faces completely transformed when it comes to talk about President Trump. I have lost friends who preferred to defend Hillary and attack me. But not one could ever mention a single achievement from her, I mean not even Hillary could mention one during an interview………

            2. @susitna I actually used to like him during his Celebrity Apprentice days, I thought he was a smart and generous person. But when that Access Hollywood tape came out, and all the nonsense that surrounded it, I was convinced he had a character problem and, not having any idea how true he would be to his promises, I just plain didn’t trust him.

              My first “awakening” came the morning after the election when I woke up, surprised at how incredibly relieved I felt that HRC was gone. But then DJT actually had to govern. And that’s when my eyes were truly opened, because I realized he meant what he said, in fact better than I had hoped.

              He will definitely get my vote next year.

              1. Thanks for sharing. I also didn’t like the tape but to tell you the truth many guys (and women) talk sometimes about horrible things when they are alone. I sometimes think that he was trying to impress the other guy in a silly way.
                I have to tell you that I have watched the election night I don’t know how many times and it makes me happy every single time and after these two years+ very relieved because a Hillary-win would have meant the end, literally The End.
                I pray to God that nothing bad happens to him and his family as all of them are surrounded by the enemy.

    2. Yes he got into trouble for that from the author, or the family I really don’t recall, BUT yes you’re right.

    1. I am with you. The story about a video that caused the Benghazi attack was also a joke. We The People are sick and tired of the Washington D.C.-jokes.

  13. So Steve King gets stripped of his committee assignments over his comments but Omar barely gets a slap on the wrist. What a joke
    The Democrats will not be in a position to say anything if another Republican says something outrageous

    1. They had to make an example of him so Democrats would also….well guess it only works one way.

      1. Republicans are worried what future democrat presidents will do because of what trump did. This I proof, like we needed it, the Democrats don’t need a reason or scape goat, they’ll do whatever they please and no one will hold them accountable

        1. Right. Restraining ourselves from doing something that strengthens our country because the Democrats will then be restrained from doing evil..

          It wont work. They will never restrain themselves from evil, and you would think cheering infanticide would get that point across.

    2. They’ll be in the same position they always are. “We’re a bunch of hypocrites with double standards, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So shut up.”

  14. Democrats sure are privileged! They can pass rules or laws but don’t have to abide by them – and they get away with it. “It’s good to be the king!” Do as I say, not as I do.

    They generate a large portion of the hatred and division and perpetuate it, and yet bear no responsibility, nothing punitive. They get a pass. Hypocrisy doesn’t even begin to cover it!!!

  15. Republicans, en masse, should vote NO on this resolution and put out their own condemning Anti Semitism and Ilhan Omar for her comments.

    1. When you find the corner they’re cowering at, you should let them know Except for trump I don’t hold my breath waiting for them to show any kind of backbone but you are correct they should be all over this. I would call out all the Jewish democrat Congress people, is this who you stand with?!

    1. Let’s see if Streisand writes also a song about this matter and not only about the wall……….

  16. Shorter: In response to the antisemitic comments made by the Congresshijab, we therefore pass this resolution against hate. Which is mostly done by white nationalists. Namedrop MLK. Also, Muslims get it worse than the Jews so shame on you America.

    1. Shorter shorter: Antisemitism is bad. Islamophobia is worse. There sure is a lot of Islamophobia.

      1. @atomicsentinel

        I’m not sure why it marked your comment as spam. But I set it free. I try to keep a close eye on stuff like that, but sometimes I just busy.

        1. I didn’t know it had. I just thought it wigged out when I posted, and it wasn’t important enough to make a fuss over. 🙂

    1. Which just proves that the Democrats have always been the party of White Supremacists and the KKK.

  17. Everyone knows “All lives matter” is racist. Or did they change their mind? Or is that just when conservatives say it?

  18. This is a lose-lose for the Dems. They’ve been trying to find the
    avenue that will do the least harm to them but, any way they spin it,
    they will be exposed.

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