Here’s UNDENIABLE PROOF that Palestinians were trying to infiltrate Israeli border to capture Jews yesterday!

Thanks to the Mossad Twitter account, we have proof of the terrorist intentions by the Palestinians in Gaza yesterday, of which some were shot and killed yesterday.

While the world tries to blame Trump and/or Israel for the killing of Palestinians on the Gaza border on the same day as the US embassy was opened in Jerusalem, perhaps they should read this first:

The translation is accurate and reveals that these jihadis were trying to break through the border fence in order to capture Jews and bring them back to Gaza. They were told to conceal guns and knives under their clothing so they could capture both “soldiers and residents of Israel”.

This message was propagated on Sunday in several different places on the internet, including the official Gaza Facebook account:

It’s the exact same message. The quick and dirty Bing translation of this looks very much like the unofficial translation by the Mossad:

On Social media sites published #ham #instructions for participants
Rebellious youth

We’ll start by standing tomorrow Monday along street street from Beit Hanoun to rafah at a. M and we’ll be announcing a specific hour “we’ll tell you later” to move towards the wire wire so that we can remove it with our strong rules and breasts. Bare and parallel with the participation of speakers with the cheers of the masses and the magnification of all, so the lack of individual progress and the fact that there is a collective progress according to instructions because some of the bulldozers will be in the back to move forward

Rebellious Youth.
Dealing seriously and not recklessness in order to bring a knife, a dagger or a gun if it is found and kept under clothes and not using or showing them unless one of the soldiers or settlers is installed, do not kill Israeli civilians, but deliver it immediately. To the resistance, because that is the point that Israel is afraid of because she knows that the kidnapper can require what he wants.

Rebellious youth
Distract the snipers, get them to leave their positions and escape, and always discover the area and think about what you’re gonna do and then do it. Don’t bother with the wound or the martyrs. The medical crews behind us are ready for this.

These messages have been shared hundreds of times and ‘liked’ by thousands. Yet our media and international media want to blame Israel for defending itself? What a joke!

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