Here’s what Buzzfeed Christianity looks like…and it ain’t pretty

So apparently Buzzfeed got a few young people together who self-identify as Christians to create a video called “I’m Christian but I’m not…” and it’s pretty much horrible:

What kind of newfangled Christianity is this where half of them are gay and the other half are feminists? And the dude who claims to be a feminist? C’mon!

This is what happens when progressives get a hold of anything. They rebrand it by corrupting it in their own leftist image, only taking the parts they want and leaving the other parts that make them feel uncomfortable on the corrupting-room floor. Who cares if God did not intend it this way because…well, it’s not really about God. No He’s only secondary to what makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And if nixing God’s view on marriage makes more people like them and lets them do whatever they want, then by all means that’s just what has to be done.

What you wanna bet they are all pro-Palestine too.


Check out Hotair for another perspective on this truly horrible video.

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