Here’s what Trump said about white nationalism, and what the press said about what he said

When taking questions today as he signed his first veto, President Trump was asked about whether he sees a “rising threat” around the world from “white nationalism.”

Below, you can see his answer that he does not see a “rising threat”, and that he thinks it is only a “handful” of people. As you can see, the reporter who asked the question didn’t ask a follow-up, so the question and the answer stood on their own. A different reporter asked a related question, also in our clip. Below the video, some of the reactions to this relatively brief pair of exchanges.

First, here’s the video.

“I don’t really.” He answered. “I think it’s a small group of people that have very, very serious problems, I guess, if you look what happened in New Zealand, perhaps that’s the case. I don’t know enough about it yet. They’re just learning about the person and the people involved. But it’s certainly a terrible thing. A terrible thing.”

Democratic candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand flipped out on him on Twitter, basically blaming him for the threat.

At Time, they wrote that he “downplayed the global threat of white nationalism” whereas other national leaders “condemned far-right extremism and racism” in the wake of the horrific mass killing.

From the Washington Post, this:

The responses Friday by Trump and other U.S. politicians to the New Zealand tragedy divided heavily along partisan lines. While many Republicans de-emphasized the role of white nationalist ideology, some Democrats suggested, either directly or indirectly, that Trump’s history of anti-Muslim remarks and policies contributed to the tragedy.

The AP framed it this way:

President Donald Trump played down any threat posed by racist white nationalism on Friday after the gunman accused of the New Zealand mosque massacre called the president “a symbol of renewed white identity.”

Trump, whose own previous responses to the movement have drawn scrutiny, expressed sympathy for the victims who died at “places of worship turned into scenes of evil killing.” But he declined to join expressions of mounting concern about white nationalism, saying “I don’t, really” when asked whether he thought it was a rising threat around the world.

The AP also had this:

The White House immediately denounced the connection. But the mention from the suspect, who embraced Nazi imagery and voiced support for fascism, nonetheless cast an uncomfortable light on the way that the president has been endorsed by some on the far right.

Blogger and co-founder of Vox Matt Yglesias tweeted about it…

… and so did thousands of other people. You can also try searching social media for the words “downplayed” or “played down” and you’ll find hundreds of results.

There are dozens of news reports about this question and answer, but the AFP had maybe the most actively snide headline here. “Trump dismisses white nationalism threat after NZealand killings” it reads. “Dismisses.”

Does “dismisses” sound right to you?

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38 thoughts on “Here’s what Trump said about white nationalism, and what the press said about what he said

  1. Looking around the world, it’s pretty much white countries that have mass immigration. To counter any resistance to it, the Left has to disparage dissenters with the label White Nationalist.

    1. What was it he called her?

      I believe the schmuck called her the most important Member of the US Congress.

    1. Yes he did. He answered it quite well here. See Donald, that wasn’t so hard.

      There is NO threat of white nationalism.
      There is NO deep-rooted racism in America.
      You are NOT a xenophobe if you want to secure the southern (and northern) border(s).

      So SICK of the liberal media and their strawmen.

  2. Media once again making things up. Or slanting things so they can pretend that Trump said something he never said. How much of what Trump supposedly said that outrages the twittermobs are things he never said at all?

    There are a lot of politicians I dislike intensely that I will never allow myself to hate. Because hate makes you ignorant and stupid – just like the media activists who work for the liberals. Actually – they are the liberals.

  3. If you pull back and take a look at all this from the 50,000 feet perspective, you can see that the forces of Evil want race wars. It is starting to succeed in the U.S. where non-whites (and amazingly whites) have started openly harassing people for being white, even in some cases to the point of violence. The longer those forces can keep the target victim on the defensive afraid of actually doing something about these attacks for fear of being called racist, the worse it will be when things finally reach a boiling point. More misery and suffering.

  4. There was an Australian Senator who wrote a very interesting response to the NZ shooting. He stated it was horrible and condemned the act but then went on to blame immigration laws and Islam in a very well thought out manner. I almost fell out of my chair when I read it. We really need more politicians like this guy. His name is Fraser Anning.

  5. I’m sorry, but listening to what leftist have to say is making my brain feel like a dishrag being wrung out – all twisted tight. If any of them had half the brains God gave a soda cracker, they’d realize how stupid they sound.

  6. After listening to calls for violence from Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Snoop Dog, Nancy Pelosi, Kathy Griffin, Peter Fonda, Madonna and many more leftists a Bernie Sanders campaign worker, James Hodgkinson, researched and developed a plan to slaughter as many Republican politicians as possible.

    He discovered that on June 14, 2017 dozens of GOP lawmakers would be practicing for their annual Congress Softball game at a park in Alexandria, VA. He purchased an AR-15 assault rifle and thousands of rounds of ammo and stalked the park waiting to slaughter them. When the lawmakers arrived, he asked one of them if they were Republican or Democrat and was told Republican. Shortly afterwards the far-left terrorist James Hodgkinson began firing hundreds of rounds hitting and wounding 5 GOP politicians. Hodgkinson was eventually killed by Capital Police.

  7. Liberals are sort of like Paleontologists in that they are always searching around to find the next fossil to dig up and display. So racism, hatred, white supremacy, etc. (the same old tired crap they always roll out in times like this) is a problem, yes… but The Left overuses these terms and attributes them to the wrong people (Trump) or situation – usually to define a new subspecies of “victim” or to exploit a tragedy, or to undergird their twisted platform of division. To them, Trump is ALWAYS the cause.

    These people are far more sick and mentally deranged then the ones they try to demonize.

    1. There is as much reporting on that as the killing of Christians in African and Middle Eastern nations. Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi says the antisemites in Congress don’t know what they are saying.

  8. Decades ago there was an Asia Weekly cover story: Australia: Great White Hope or Great White Trash?

    At least one person in Australia weighed in on the latter choice.

  9. China’s brutal suppression of their Muslim populations is a lot closer to home, than what is happening or not happening in the US thousands of miles away. China is the purveyor of Muslim hatred. Not the US and certainly not Trump.

    NZ is in the South Asia sphere. What happens in Xingjiang is “local news”. What happens in Detroit and Minnesota is not.

  10. The Left is so hateful. Not sure why.
    Do they demand to grab the narrative first to avoid letting their own extremism get blamed?

    So fast – we saw this in the Covington hoax, the Jussie Mollet hoax – they want to dominate the blame and hate agenda.

    Call them on this.

  11. They know what he thinks, so they don’t have to bother listening to what he says.

    There’s your modern MSM in a nutshell.

  12. The ‘hive mind’ response from the media on every issue, reinforced by social media and internet search results, is getting pretty creepy, Fred T. Thanks for pointing that out.

  13. Won’t play the game of scaremonger, gets accused of “downplaying.”

    The actual move in this stupid game is playing the GFY card. Perhaps with an added gesture of contempt. But that wouldn’t be presidential.

    These skin color obsessives are in need of psychological help. They look at every issue as one of race, resentment, identity based grievance, and just plain hatred.

  14. Yea, pay no attention to the rise of far left extremism in the Democratic party.

    And what about this guys beliefs was far right? He said was a Communist, then an anarchist, then a libertarian and an eco fascist. How is any of that far right?

    1. Anarchy would be all the way to the right, and libertarianism would be just left of that, but progressives twist everything into a pretzel, and blame the right (e.g. Hitler) for their failures.

      1. True enough, but Communism and Eco-fascism? They guy seemed to be all over the place with his ideologies.

        1. He admired Red China. How does that blame Trump.
          China shows more deadly extremism towards Muslim than Trump could have in his little finger.

  15. Did any of Donald’s yearbooks have photos of him in black face or a Klan robe & hood? No, what a pity. Must be a Democrat thing.

    1. And he’s still govenor. If he was Republican they wouldn’t have stopped until he stepped down.

  16. Our corrupt media will now spin this and say Trump didn’t call out white nationalism. Watch the shows tonight…just watch the insanity.

    1. They’ll claim he was in New Zealand and loaded the guns. That’s how ridiculous its become.

  17. MSM has the narrative and wont let it go. Of course he is a white nationalist why is he denying it??

  18. “Does “dismisses” sound right to you?”
    No. Not at all. Here is Trump’s reply again, copied from above:
    “I don’t really.” He answered. “I think it’s a small group of people that have very, very serious problems, I guess, if you look what happened in New Zealand, perhaps that’s the case. I don’t know enough about it yet. They’re just learning about the person and the people involved. But it’s certainly a terrible thing. A terrible thing.”
    Trump said “I don’t know enough about it yet.” He is waiting for the full information to come out before jumping to conclusions, like the Media loves to do. That is not “dismissive.” That is prudent and, may I say, Presidential.

    But what he DID say was to express his unqualified condemnation of the act and the full support for the victims and the People of New Zealand. What else could he have done?

  19. Heaven to bid we say the media is an enemy to the state… facts may lead to violence, so facts must be forbidden.

    …or in this twisted to match the narrative.

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