Here’s your College Football Open Thread

It’s another day in college football and here’s an open thread for you to discuss it.

I’ve embedded a twitter account below that should be posting scores of football games from around the country as they get finalized. If there’s another twitter account that would be better, please send me a tip and let me know. It’s the only decent one I could find.

For those of you who aren’t big football fans, here’s a cute Dodo video for ya:


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51 thoughts on “Here’s your College Football Open Thread

  1. Nothing better than some Saturday football smack talk.
    Number 1&2 Clemson and Alabama have high school opponents and should win 40+
    My Auburn Tigers have an actual football game against Texas A&M this afternoon. #real football
    But the must watch game of the day is no doubt #3 Georgia vs #7 Notre Dame tonight in Athens GA.

    1. Amazing how Auburn [Alabama] so consistently is able to compete with Alabama Football. [both being from the same state] But,they do.

  2. I did not see any results for Pepperdine University.One of the top Schools in both Men’s and Women’s Volley Ball,Swimming and Mediocre Basketball.

  3. “I’m only an occasional drinker, the kind who goes out for a beer and wakes up in Singapore with a full beard.” – Raymond Chandler

    Reminds me of someone I used to know.

    1. “Last time I was sober, man I felt bad / Worst hangover that I ever had”

      — Dire Straits, Heavy Fuel

    1. Our state university had a kneeler on the football team a couple years ago, and a basketball team that decided to wear ‘Hate Will Not Win’ (anti-Trump) t-shirts during warmups.

  4. I’ve never really cared for college ball.

    That said, this season in pro is a train wreck. Luck, Ben, Brees, Cam (but screw him).

    Why can’t it ever be Brady?

    1. I’m only guessing,but it might have something to do with him being the best Q/B ever and we do not want him getting hurt,so they have created a very good offensive line for him.Great observation about knowing about who the NFL major QB’s who are injured.

  5. The Buckeyes (hubby’s alma mater) are playing Miami (OH); not a big game. The Bobcats (my alma mater) are hosting Louisiana.
    Right now the Badgers are tromping all over the Wolverines….heh, heh, heh……luv it.

    Wonderful Dodo video!

  6. I am a feral cat feeder and cat rescuer. I loved that video but that cat is being treated like a dog. I hope that cat father had that cat fixed

    1. My cat loves the water… never ever forced… just curious and then…
      Whoa Nelly cats playing in the water.

    2. Once my girlfriend and I got a white cat with a grey tabby spot on its forehead. I said, “Let’s name her Spot.” Connie says, “You can’t call her Spot, that’s a dog’s name.” So I called her Spot and taught her how to fetch.

        1. I’m sure if you went to YT and searched ‘swimming cats,’ you’d find dozens. Here’s a compilation:

  7. Nutria, the invasive pest usually associated with the bayous of LA and TX, have been spotted as far north as Davenport, IA. I was riding my bike along a waterway in Louisiana just before dawn and one of those things came swimming up and I thought that it was a ginormous rat.

  8. Good college football today. Time for a few ice cold Kavanaughs and some bbq.

    Surprised Kavanaugh never got any beer sponsors. He’d be great in a commercial.

  9. I find it weird that Notre Dame is playing Georgia this year when Notre Dame is not playing Purdue, whom they’ve played 86 times and every year from 1946 to 2014.

        1. As a SEC fan, I think Notre Dame is headed for a beating against Georgia tonight in Athens, GA. Home field advantage and the noise level will be insane when ND is trying to call plays. As a side note, an estimated 90K fans showed up to tailgate outside the stadium and watch big screen TVs. I would hate to be stuck in that traffic tonight after the game.

  10. Umm… You should add my Ohio State Buckeyes to that list up there ;D 76-5 winners over Miami, Ohio…Goo BUCKS!!!!

  11. West Virginia defeats NC State 44-27
    Marshall has a bye week and will play Cincinnati next week.
    Ohio State destroys Miami of Ohio 76-5

    1. MI wouldn’t have scored 2 touchdowns if both of the Badger safeties hadn’t been disqualified for targeting penalties. Both were questionable calls as I see it. When a quarterback waits until the last possible moment to start his slide, and then does a “kinda” slide, you can’t expect the defense to react instantly.

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