Here’s your facepalm moment of the day and I’m not kidding

We all know that Hollywood is about as leftist as they come and now they’ve decided to try and help people in Georgia picture Democrat Stacey Abrams as their governor.

Last night on Star Trek Discovery, which I stopped watching early on when I saw two dudes kiss, they had Stacey Abrams on the show and you’ll never guess what role the put her in:

That’s right. President of Earth. She hasn’t won anything yet and already Hollywood has made her the freaking president of earth.

Not to mention the fact that she’s never conceded her loss in Georgia a few years ago, saying it was stolen from her by Republicans. And yet she’s still applauded and given such a enormous role.

Ben Shapiro tweeted that “Hollywood is just a propaganda machine for Democrats”.

Absolutely right and it’s disgusting.

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