Herman Cain fires back in highly offensive MSNBC interview

I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard a more offensive interview on MSNBC than the one I just heard from Lawrence O’Donnell with Herman Cain. In one interview O’Donnell managed to accuse Herman Cain of not only sitting on the sidelines during the civil rights movement, but also of dodging the Vietnam war. His contempt for a black Republican has never been more clear.

At one point in the interview, O’Donnell asked Cain where America would be right now if Rosa Parks took his dad’s advice to stay out of trouble and just sit in the back of the bus. Seriously. It was like he was trying to prove that Cain hadn’t earned his black skin or something. It was terribly offensive and I hope Cain never steps foot again in the studios of MSNBC.

I will say that Cain proved he could hold his own and not be rattled by the offensive assumptions of these whackos on MSNBC. He hit back in the interview several times but always kept his cool. He could have hit back more in my opinion but overall I think he did great.

It’s a long interview but it covers four main topics: Brainwashing, Civil Rights Movement, War dodging, and the 9-9-9 plan. Here’s the full interview:

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