Herman Cain on Fox News Sunday

This is Herman Cain’s second interview on FNS and it was much better than the first. He answered the questions very confidently and had good answers to boot. I loved the part where Wallace brought up Warren Buffet and how he believes he can afford to pay more taxes. Cain just said “I don’t care about Warren Buffet’s tax rate!” and went on to point out that it’s tax breaks for small businesses that are much more important.

Of course Wallace went after him on his stance against the mosque in Murfreesboro but Cain defended it well noting that Islam isn’t just a religion, but a set of laws as well and that based on this the people of Murfreesboro has a right to keep the Islamic mosque from being built. And he’s right on this. We already know that around 81% of mosques in the US advocate or promote radical Jihad and Cain is very correct to point this out in more general terms.

Overall I’d say this was a great interview for Cain.

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