Herman Cain’s inappropriate comment revealed?


The Iowa radio host Steve Deace revealed on October 3rd and awkward comment that Herman Cain made while at his radio station. Via Des Moines Register:

On Monday, Deace posted a message on his Facebook page that Cain had “said things to both of my female staffers that at best are professionally awkward if not inappropriate over the last several months.” …

On Monday, Deace told The Des Moines Register he didn’t want to talk publicly about what Cain did that made the women present at his radio interviews uncomfortable.

“I have instructed our employees not to address the situation specifically,” Deace said Monday. “At this point I see no need in dragging them into this individually.” …

During his Oct. 3 broadcast in Iowa, Deace mentioned that Cain made a comment to a woman who was there to report on the radio interview for another news agency.

“Cain said, ‘Darling, do you mind doctoring my tea for me?’” Deace said.

Deace told the Register last month that he believes Cain was talking about adding honey and lemon, but that it was an awkward moment.

This is why transparency is so important. Because now, we know the cheese fell off Steve Deace’s cracker or something. I mean really, this is pathetic.


UPDATE: I corrected to say it was revealed in a broadcast on October 3rd.


UPDATE 2: I’m noticing that comment wasn’t made to one of his staffers, but another woman who was there. It’s hard to tell, but perhaps it wasn’t the comment Deace was referring to. However it does seem funny to me that he would suggest that was awkward.

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132 thoughts on “Herman Cain’s inappropriate comment revealed?

  1. What’s wrong with using the convential, “I would like more lemon in my tea please.”

    cain’s comment was INTENTIONALLY spiked with sexual Innuendo using a thin vail of decency.

    The man is a pig!

  2. Sad that a professing believer in the Bible would deliberate injure an inspiriing leader over a cup of tea!

  3. A good man is politically thugged, and placed on the defensive, over a cup of tea? This is absurd, and truly evil that a conservative talk radio host who claims to love the Bible would engage in such a filthy slander!

  4. I want to make something clear here. We are in this mess because Obama was not questioned, people assumed he was on the level and he was not. The office of the Presidency of the United States of American is something I take very personally serious. I question everything everyone, always have always will in order to feel secure that I made the very best decision that involved the lives around me, all 300 million of them! My decision and yours effects us all and Obama should have made that very clear to all of us, and a lessen we should never take for granted ever again that someone is being straight forward with us, question, question, question everything and everyone we may be putting into the White House. We didn’t with Obama and that is ripping us apart…I do not, and never have claimed that I know more than any other and that my opinions are always right, they are not, they are opinions, thoughts, frustrations and I share them with all of you who have shared a thread with me, and I have always shown the respect you deserve even though we may not necessarily agree with each other, they are OPINIONS. We are in this together, it’s our duty to make sure the truth is told and I mean all of it, concerning those who are wanting our votes so they can run our lives? OUR LIVES?

  5. You clearly have not taken my post for what it was and I did not trash anyone mister, and show me where I did so? How do you know Sir, that Cain didn’t do the things he stands accused of and that’s my whole point. I did not trash nor accuse Cain of anything but merely pointed out the ifs? Your assuming three woman have lied, your basically saying all woman are liars until they prove other wise, so don’t patronize me…As far as Newt is concerned, and again you didn’t read the post’, I said he was the only one politically attuned to Washington DC as a political hard ball player hen could turn this mess around, it’s a thought, an opinion not necessarily something I would adhere too! And I also know of his past transgressions and stated so. Again, it was something being toiled with in trying to understand what just might take away our getting the White House back. Read what I wrote and reread it again. You were out of place hear! The whole point of these threads Sir is to point out truths or fixes, fears or applications into our political discussion as opinions. You are essentially telling me I have no voice here because I questioned Cain and then say Obama got into office because he wasn’t questioned, you sound like our Liberal antagonist who immediately attack because it didn’t suite your fancy. Your damn right about one thing, I do question and for a reason…We know nothing, what if they are telling the truth? Read more thoroughly before you make false accusations and claims against someone and don’t take it so personal, it’s childish!

  6. THAT’S IT? Good heavens..I had a boss who used to ask me to iron his shirts and at one point, even asked me to clean his pants. That one floored me, since he was still wearing his pants at the time!

  7. While the media is focused in on Cain’s so-called assaults on woman or Cain’s alleged condescending words against Women ….many extremely important things are happening in our country and the world.



    2. Recently a representative of the Catholic church excused the Pope’s statements about wanting One World Order.

    In my post dated Sept. 19, 2009 you will find this headline:
    “Pope wants person to lead the world-What is happening to America?-More weird weather on the way-Ezekiel war signs-Peace and safety signs-Importance of Sept. 19, 2009?”
    This is what I wrote you.
    Prophecy Sign: Recently I spoke to you about Revelation chapter 17 were Jesus warned us a false prophet will take a seat in Rome. We see this false church that rides the Antichrist (beast) as the Harlot. At a time when we are seeing governments around the world calling for a One World Government we are now also seeing the Pope calling for one person to lead this New World Order. Here is a report I didn’t give you the other day and it has the headline, “Pope Endorses “World Political Authority”. I quote, “Some in the media are calling it just a statement about “economic justice.” But Pope Benedict XVI’s “Charity in Truth” statement, also known as an encyclical, is a radical document that puts the Roman Catholic Church firmly on the side of an emerging world government. In explicit and direct language, the Pope calls for a “true world political authority” to manage the affairs of the world. At the same time, however, the Pope also warns that such an international order could “produce a dangerous universal power of a tyrannical nature” and must be guarded against somehow.” All these signs are coming together to show Christ’s children we have a limited time left on this Earth to win souls for the Father. Please don’t waste this time but engage in the fields for the harvest is ripe and the true laborers are few!” I have been warning people about the false teachings found in the Catholic Church for some time, and now because of the News on the Net that the main stream media will not show, people around the world are for the first time learning the truth.
    Pay close attention to the 30 second mark in the video below where he says this is prophetic! One thing I agree with is this statement because Jesus in chapter 17 warns us that in the last days a false worldwide church emerges and the current and past Popes have been on the front lines forming this church.

    Pay close attention to the 30 second mark in the video below where he says this is prophetic! One thing I agree with is this statement because Jesus in chapter 17 warns us that in the last days a false worldwide church emerges and the current and past Popes have been on the front lines forming this church.

    Pope to promote peace in talks with world religious leaders
    Posted by AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE on October 25, 2011
    I hope you keep in mind the colors Jesus pointed out in Revelation chapter 17 for this Mother of Harlots? Read it for yourself from Rev. 17: 4-5.“4And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” Before you read this report take a look at the colors of the leaders of the C. Church. I hope to God you see they are the same colors as warned in the Revelation!
    VATICAN CITY, Oct 25 – Pope Benedict XVI has invited 300 religious leaders to a meeting in Assisi in Italy to repudiate “violence in the name of God” amid growing tensions fuelled by fundamentalists across the world.
    The day of interreligious council, which will be held on Thursday in St. Francis of Assisi’s birthplace, is intended to be a “journey of reflection, dialogue and prayer for peace and justice in the world,” the Vatican said.
    Over 50 Islamic representatives are expected to attend the talks from several countries, including Saudi Arabia and Iran.
    They will be joined by Rabbis, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, a Zoroastrian, a Bahai and representatives of Taoism and Confucianism as well as of other traditional religions from Africa and America.

    1. I am sorry but your info about the Pope saying this is incorrect! But I do understand how some in the Protestant arena think about the Catholic Church.( I lived in that arena for the second 23 years of my life!)

      That being said it was the vatican counsel for justice and peace that said this -an 18 page document suggesting a worldwide authority. http://youtu.be/4RXMdgwB74s

      if you go to 49:16 on the video Raymond does a good job explaining the document!

      If you can give deference to Beck and he is a Mormon-you can take some time and read an explanation and commentary on this subject instead of blindly believing what has been taught in some Protestant circles about the Catholic Church. You might be pleasantly surprised!

      1. CF, I am sorry that you are mistaken on several counts. First, you are assuming that I am protestant and secondly, you buy the explanation given in the document. I do agree that Raymond is quite articulate and quite likable.

        I don’t give deference to anyone based on their religion, I am a researcher and an avid reader. I don’t believe anything anyone, including the Catholic church tells me, blindly.

        Perhaps, you are blindly following information that you have been told based on your religious preference. Might I suggest, you look into this matter more fully.

    2. I am sorry but your info about the Pope saying this is incorrect! But I do understand how some in the Protestant arena think about the Catholic Church.( I lived in that arena for the second 23 years of my life!)

      That being said it was the vatican counsel for justice and peace that said this -an 18 page document suggesting a worldwide authority. http://youtu.be/4RXMdgwB74s

      if you go to 49:16 on the video Raymond does a good job explaining the document!

      If you can give deference to Beck and he is a Mormon-you can take some time and read an explanation and commentary on this subject instead of blindly believing what has been taught in some Protestant circles about the Catholic Church. You might be pleasantly surprised!

  8. My grandmother says the same phrase to me all the time when she makes me a cup of coffee. Wow this is getting really rediculous. I mean anyone can just intentionally misconstrue any phrase or saying now to bend however they want. What did my Grama mean by asking if I wanted her to doctor my tea? This is soooo pathetic.

  9. How do you get something awkward from him asking if she could “doctor” his tea. Granted it may not be a term that your used to but how is anything with this comment taken for some sexual connotation??? I mean really? I’ve never heard of anyone saying that but I understood what he meant. And what if she was holding the honey or sugar or cream and he was just asking if she could add a little to his???

    WEAK! And he brought this up as a story???

  10. Nothing…..nothing, overcomes TRUTH!

    Where do you all think Mr.Cain resides….in the Light or the in dark? Do his daily actions reflect a man who is nefarious or a man who is upright? Does he not leave the window shades up 24/7 or does he “not” allow light to expose who he is.

    I believe he has no window dressing to speak of, because he believes that Light is the cleanser of life. Truth will exonerate this man day in and day out. And I am confident the ONE who appoints all leadership in this world stands right along side him to this day.

  11. Jeffery, sadly you have been drawn into the current montra that says: “Herman did not handle this well”. Let me ask you, how would you have handled something that you knew very little about. Remember, Mr.Cain was in a position where he had many other people dealing with this because of his position at the time. Being a CEO and having something that on the surface appeared very in his mind because he knew there was nothing there and was trivial at best, you give the task of dealing with it to someone else capable of resolving a “non-issue”.

    And so now you trash a man of integrity and turn around and select a candidate who clearly cheated on his wife and you say HE”S BETTER FOR THE NATION!??


  12. Hold on just a minute… You say Cain didn’t handle it well? According to whose standards? I think he’s been up front, honest and given us all of the info he had at the time of a specific interview. That’s refreshing to me. Is he slick and polished? No, because he is not a part of the political machine. He is going to make some mis-steps along the way, and won’t please the political class, so what.

    I do agree with you that I would like to see Newt on the ticket, but he does carry some baggage. (I’m not sure if I can overcome him sitting on the loveseat with Pelosi in front of the WH talking about global warming.) I could go for a VP spot for him with Cain, as I think he could teach Cain the ropes around D.C. Then I think Cain would tell him what they would do differently.

    1. Maxine, God Bless you
      and I understand the hesitancy with Newt, believe me I have chastised him as well, But Cain to my knowledge has not been forthright with us and I don’t for a moment believe Obama is as weak as they claim either. Cain repeated for four days that he didn’t know what could had been said, who the woman were, or in what fashion they were paid or even if it were a severance package to begin with, then the following day said it might had been something he said in the sweet heart honey kinda way. The next day he said he might have touched them on the chin, the next day it was what he said that was the reason for the payment to these woman, then he repeated that he was kept out of the loop? That’s not clearing the air at all, he has confused it even more. He’s wounded and they are going to bleed him but good now, right or wrong he’s now a casualty. We are a Year away from the election and he’s wounded and who’s to say if he is being honest? It wouldn’t be the first time we were lied too and is why I wrote as I did. This is a last shot for us and I believe the only one strong enough to task this mess is Newt? With all his faults he is a menace and I believe he would come alive with familiar surroundings? But if this keeps up with Cain, he will be a fish out of water and our base will suffer for it…

        1. Your saying I’m full of BS Rshill7? And if your alleging I’m lying, why not then prove other wise, and why the disrespect for nothing more than what I happen to feel, it’s an opinion, nothing more…

      1. If you read my other posts, I think we can move on from this smear, as that’s all it is. I agree, we can’t let our guard down, and we must absolutely elect the best candidate to defeat Obama. If we don’t do it next year, IMHO, we are doomed. Obummer and his gang (or should I say gangsters) will do what ever it takes, including voter fraud.

        I’m just willing to give a citizen patriot a chance, as he seems to be a honorable man, but he will need some direction IF he gets to the corrupt city on the hill. I’m concerned about the history they will throw at Newt, although I think he’s the smartest on the stage at every debate.

        1. And I agree with you. my point was strictly based on the probability if the what if’s came to haunt us if we mistaken Cain. I’m not here to judge him, to me it’s about who can stand in defense of good morals and blacken the Liberals eyes too…Well said and I end it there? Thank you for your opinion, it’s what we share that keeps us well informed, and in search of the truth…We must discern all things and test them always. And Judge wisely…Thanks MaxineCA

          1. “to me it’s about who can stand in defense of good morals”.

            I wouldn’t say Newt could meet your standard on that level. The moral issues are just some of the trash from his past they will throw at him. Hey, everyone makes mistakes and I think Newt is one smart guy, but can you imagine the negative campaign ads that the OB machine can and will put out? Actually, I think he would make a great Chief of Staff so he doesn’t have to end up in the mess, but be able to provide advise to whoever gets in.

  13. Let’s just scrap the bottom of the barrel for any comment that might be taken in any way then what was intended. If this is all you’ve got then I have Hope that Change will come next November.

  14. Cain handled this wrong, really wrong and we have a major mess on our hands. We are Twelve months away from the general election and we have once again allowed the media to back us into a dark cold familiar corner, the repeat of 2007 and I am warning folks the Liberals are baiting, and many are taking it for the run. just three months ago the guy “Cain” was tailing the whale and he gets a few catchy one liners in Florida’s debate and Badda Bing Badda Boomski, he’s made a God! And then there is Romney who the Democrats Main Stream Media is protecting big time. They know as we should know, Obama will wipe the floor with Romney and still have enough use for it to smack the shock off our faces for letting them do the same again…I am pissed at Newt and he’s changed allot, but the man is exactly what we need to turn this horrid mess around, no other is as seasoned and meaner than he is…He’s a Constitutionalists and he knows how to throw around his political weight and he is a Christian who doesn’t waste his time trying to prove it! If we go into August and September with Cain and Romney, then it’s over with, it’s over for every blue blooded American who would die for this Nation. It will take killing our neighbors to get her back! We need a seasoned politician and one that can still say he has Yahweh within is heart…I just don’t see any other doing who can do the job!

  15. You see, this is what political correct nonsense is all about. Soon, like right now, you can’t say anything without being construed as inappropriate behavior or language. We’ve nuetered ourselves just to make us more palatable to the females in the room. Six decades ago, men had the upmost respect for women. We cherished, put them upon pedestals, adorned them with roses, opened doors, gave up seats on trains and buses, protected them because we valued their affections, gave them our best side always because we were gentlemen. Now, the male population treats them as they keep telling us they want to be treated as equals as you would anyone else so we call them whores, sexual object type toys, treat them like shit(not me), kick them when their down, lie, cheat and verbally abuse them why… because they asked to be treated like we treat each other, badly.

    1. Sadly, the one woman whom could have driven off the corrupt bastards, Sarah Palin, was driven off because her family was threatened. And who was there to defend them?

  16. The media, liberals, establishment Republicans and Hollywood are trying to lynch Herman Cain. I don’t believe any of it and think it’s a huge distraction from the real issues. Obama destroys our freedoms and liberties while his media runs 24/7 coverage of rumors from anywhere they can get them on Herman Cain. Proof? Who needs proof! Lynch Cain is all the want to do even if its based on lies. The ends justifies the means ‘Rules For Radicals’. Progressives will do anything to win. Cain 2012!

    1. Cain is scaring the crap out of the establishment. Good enough for me. He seems to be a man of honor to me. Novel concept. So far, I like Mr. Cain. I just hope he can stand up to the political machine. So far, I think he’s doing OK and frankly, I don’t give a rat about Rove and what the political talking heads have to say. It’s my choice, not yours.

  17. ANYONE that has ever worked in a management position for a large company (deep pockets) has experienced “allegations”. In my 40 year career I’ve experienced battles with them all (disgruntled employees, unions, EEOC, NLRB….etc.). I won EVERY claim, and yes, some employees were terminated for filing false claims. That’s just life in the business world. I guess I could never run for public office!!!!!!

    As far as Mr. Cain’s comment, is this how wimpy we’ve become? I remember years ago working with people (women & men) from the south, and many called me “Darlin” or “Hon” during a normal conversation. It was just standard friendly language for them, meant in a friendly way. It was just the southern culture.

    Can we PLEASE get back to uncovering some REAL scandals (Fast & Furious and other related operations; Solyndra and the many other companies; Fanny & Freddie; border security; energy; and many more). Let’s stay focused folks and move on to the important topics.

  18. Is that all????…I was afraid that he had said something like “It gets even bigger when you blow it up,honey”

  19. Perry and Romney busy blamng each other for the leak while Obama laughs his ass off knowing that it was his cronies who put this stuff out there. Obama is shaking in his boots thinking Cain will get the nomination and get a big chunk of the Black vote and all the conservatives. Also, how would he be able to play his trump card (the race card) if Herman Cain is the conservative nominee. Where is the background check on Obama?

  20. Well, let’s all remember how things went for Reagan. He had to endure the insult of his own children. Then Nancy’s little fondness for astrology. That was after all the Bonzo jokes, and second-rate actor jokes. The fun never ends when you can impugn a man’s character without having to pay any price for it at all.

    Meanwhile, guys like Trent Lott and Imus get fired for less.

    When do we get a magic vocabulary (words we can use, but nobody else can)?
    When do we get to sue the pants off of some college for discriminating?

    We need to set some examples, sometime. I often remind people of how nasty “journalism” has always been (Google “James Callender” for example), but it used to be a sort of “equal opportunity” nastiness. Now it’s all one-sided.

    I’m not calling on “our side” to engage in it. I’m just tired of the “journalists” supporting only one side of it, always and forever.

    We also need someone with enough minerals to call “BS” on it.

  21. This message is for Herman Cain.”Keep truckin’ my friend,keep on keepin’ on ’cause we patriots have work to do. We need to clean house ’cause it sure does smell! We have too many rats & roaches but we need to deal with it. This Mr. Cain is also a war between good & evil. Evil now stalks you. Don’t be worried. We have your back!

  22. Wait a minute. “Doctoring my tea” is an ebonic phrase. It means, “would you perform fellatio on me, baby?”

    I am fluent in jive so that’s why I know this.

    In addition to all this sexual harassing that he’s been doing–he’s killed at least 4 people. I would check the trunk of his bus. Those bodies are probably still there.

    Yeah, Herman Cain is the devil. Probably the anti-christ.

    *eyes frickin roll*

  23. Lets see, “Cain said, ‘Darling, do you mind doctoring my tea for me?’. That sounds like: “Darling, do you mind removing your blouse and let me fondle you”.
    Yeah, I can see where that would make the room uncomfortable.

  24. The sheer hypocrisy of this is dumbfounding. The Liberals who are generally vile, vulgar, rude, mean spirited and merciless are now setting the agenda for Cain.

    And we let this happen, and I’m ashamed to say some here take it is hook line and sinker.

    By the end of this week even a “good morning” by Cain will be interpreted as an “akward” moment for some, anonymus, faceless woman who will no doubt make an appearance and a complaint through her Attorney.

    1. Yes it was inappropriate, you fiend!

      “I like my women like I like my coffee…black and bitter!”


  25. “During his Oct. 3 broadcast in Iowa, Deace mentioned that Cain made a comment to a woman who was there to report on the radio interview for another news agency.

    “Cain said, ‘Darling, do you mind doctoring my tea for me?’” Deace said.”

    Not one of these comments even addresses the fact that this comment, never mind the ‘awkward’ innuendo, mentions that it is inappropriate to ask another visitor – because she is a woman – to tend to his beverage. Man can get up, walk and fix it his own damn self!

    1. He probably thought she was an employee at the radio station? He was probably seconds away from going on the air too, while balancing a ball on the tip of his nose and twirling his six-shooters. Dang, use your imagination.

  26. Names, faces, dates, what was said to who. I can’t believe the Politico stooped this low, well yes I can, but a week long smear based on WTF?

  27. Darlin’…

    A little “darling” music with Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash –

    >> Darlin’ Companion – http://youtu.be/L5gbbEjbxLM

    Deace “instructed the employees” not to talk “specifically” about the word “darling” used in their presence because… he cares about them, he really, really cares.


  28. Does anyone remember that guy who went to school with Obama and he swore during the ’08 campaign that they snorted crack cocaine off girls breasts and stomachs at some parties? Thought so! Thank you corrupt media.

  29. To the gallows !

    …with whoever started this hyped up hooey!

    “And it came to pass…” At least part of it. Next? C’mon, Tee up the next one too so we can crush it like a pork rind and toss it in the trash. Let this gentleman have his dignity and reputation back!

    I’d like to see Justice in a long white robe annoint this man’s head with oil and wash his feet. “Justice! Yeah you! Get over here!”

  30. Oh dear Lord…..65 years of a man working hard and trying to live his life right and this is what passes for inappropriate?????????????????????????????????????????

    If he’s really done something immoral, then get it out…but this is just character assasination plain and simple.

  31. what i dont get is…why is cain not pressuring the nra to release the docs…that way he can exonerate himself and we can move on…

    1. He has! His campaign said they’ve asked the NRA several times to release the documents. He has nothing to hide!

  32. Oh my God! Are you freaking serious! I bet you anything that it will be the same bull if and when the actual crap from the NRA comes out. I am telling you, this is a smear campaign! This is no coincidence! Just look at the polls and the timing of this! Put two and two together folks. They are keeping things anonymous because the reality is a bunch of nonsense. This is despicable. I want to know who leaked this.

    1. I know this makes you happy and disgusted at the same time. Me too. The word is vindication if I’m not mistaken. So far we’ve got the vindi part of that. After the full word gets taken care of, we can move on to, “Veni, Vidi, Vici” and others.

  33. This is why it was so important to keep the allegations quiet as long as possible.. It was already part of their plan that it would be the Media’s reporting and the public’s runaway imaginations that would do the real damage, to Cain, from these unknown allegations by unknown sources…

    1. google “Double Facepalm” then find the picture with Picard and Riker….now you can triple facepalm with them—- or if you’re so bold, you can quadruple facepalm.

      The biggest collective facepalm may have just taken place, someone should call Guiness

          1. Nope.

            Kidding. Of course Milady, I mean Milord. I’ll have a barrel sent up before you can finish picking your teeth with that broomhandle.

      1. The Klingon version is when you take the other guy’s head and “palm” it into the table several times.

        We’ll have to satisfy ourselves that most folks on the right avoid linking to Politico. It’s nothing more than a stop on the road to total downsizing for all of those ex-WaPo writers, anyway.

  34. That’s something my grandfather would have said without any thought or meaning other than thinking he was asking kindly!

        1. I suppose that if he just asked the girl to fetch him a dime bag, no big deal, that she understood coming from a black man in all. :facepalm:

      1. You just sexually harassed Ozzie. Citizen’s arrest! Citizen’s arrest!

        Let me get this right. Oral sex is not sex but saying “darlin” to someone is sexual harassment? Is there a book or somewhere that I can go to learn these things?

              1. 1. The First Amendment does not apply in non-governmental workplaces.

                2. 3seven77 ‘s remark about “they” is insulting to women (or perhaps he meant the courts). If 3777 had any familiarity with sexual harassment law, 3777 would know the lines are pretty darn clear for a first offense, and ABSOLUTELY clear when the perp has been told to knock it off and keeps going it nonetheless — as was reported in one of the two cases settled to cover up for him at the Nat’l Restaurant Association.

        1. Pick one up at fine cigar shops everywhere sir.

          By the way, “coffee, tea, or me”?

          Don’t answer that 🙂

          “Excuse me waitress, do ya’ll have carryout orders?” Yes. “Great, get your coat and let’s go.”

              1. He must be driving back and forth between those two places looking for a good eatery that serves up crow.

        2. Being from the south, I can tell you that calling someone “darlin” is a common salutation. I often do it myself, and even to women I know… who also often repeat the salutation to me. It’s called “being friendly” here in Georgia.

          1. we don’t up in maine but most of us would not have any issue with it and would be pleased to treated friendly.

        3. bob…it isn’t supposed to be…I work in a police department and it is considered harassment if it continues after you have instructed the perpetrator that you are offended and/or to stop.

  35. If I even started shaking my head I wouldn’t know when to stop! In the meantime, it doesn’t matter what that idiot was referring to…too much time has lapsed and the damage has been done.
    He better hope and pray that he’ll miss that sowing and reaping part of the Bible…

    1. One would need two Yeti paws to approach being able to perform a facepalm even close to be worthy of this mess.

    2. “Darling, do you mind doctoring my tea for me?”


      Lemme guess, you want some money don’t you??

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