Herman Cain’s inappropriate comment revealed?


The Iowa radio host Steve Deace revealed on October 3rd and awkward comment that Herman Cain made while at his radio station. Via Des Moines Register:

On Monday, Deace posted a message on his Facebook page that Cain had “said things to both of my female staffers that at best are professionally awkward if not inappropriate over the last several months.” …

On Monday, Deace told The Des Moines Register he didn’t want to talk publicly about what Cain did that made the women present at his radio interviews uncomfortable.

“I have instructed our employees not to address the situation specifically,” Deace said Monday. “At this point I see no need in dragging them into this individually.” …

During his Oct. 3 broadcast in Iowa, Deace mentioned that Cain made a comment to a woman who was there to report on the radio interview for another news agency.

“Cain said, ‘Darling, do you mind doctoring my tea for me?’” Deace said.

Deace told the Register last month that he believes Cain was talking about adding honey and lemon, but that it was an awkward moment.

This is why transparency is so important. Because now, we know the cheese fell off Steve Deace’s cracker or something. I mean really, this is pathetic.


UPDATE: I corrected to say it was revealed in a broadcast on October 3rd.


UPDATE 2: I’m noticing that comment wasn’t made to one of his staffers, but another woman who was there. It’s hard to tell, but perhaps it wasn’t the comment Deace was referring to. However it does seem funny to me that he would suggest that was awkward.

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