Herr Fauci likes RE-MANDATING masks even if you got the shot: You should ‘WEAR IT ANYWAY’!

Why did they rush the vaccine, rush the approval, rush the roll-out, and rush the media-shaming if the end result of getting the shot is that you still have to wear a mask, stay six feet apart, or even get locked back in your house again?

Authorities in various places in the United States and abroad are bringing back mask mandates and other restrictions as the so-called “Delta variant” makes it’s way across the globe’s news outlets. Despite all previous scolding and pleading, they are saying that being vaccinated doesn’t mean you can change from the pandemic’s protocols.

Doctor Lockdownvorkian tells Neil Cavuto that this all makes sense and is perfectly fine so just close your eyes and let it happen resistance is futile. “Good that you’re vaccinated,” says Herr Fauci, “But you should wear a mask.”

That’s not exactly what he said, but y’all know it’s what he’s saying.

“It’s quite understandable, Neil, why local authorities are now saying, ‘good that you’re vaccinated, but in a situation where you have people indoors, particularly crowded, you should wear a mask.”

What compelling reason is there to GET the vaccine if you’re going to be on lockdown measures anyway? Is it so you don’t get sick? You just said we’ll get sick anyway without masks!

You said masks weren’t enough, so get vaccinated. Now you’re saying vaccines aren’t enough so get masks??

If masks and vaccines work – which you said about BOTH over and over – THEN WHY ARE WE SIX FEET APART?

So masks and vaccines AND “social distance” to not get sick? Wait, there’s MORE?

We gotta shutter churches and sports, and stamp out any non-BLM/Antifa protests or demonstrations, and shut down air travel unless you’re Democrats avoiding work??

How about NO. How’s that? Nope. Pick your solution, Dems. Most of us have gotten the microchip shot already. (That’s a wry JOKE from my WIT, Facebook and Google. Try to grow a sense of snark.) Most of us have it and we’re gonna go ahead and say that’s enough. I’m not putting your mask on and I’m not standing apart and I’m sure as HELL not staying home. Sorry (not sorry) but we’re done with that now.

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