Hey AOC do you care that THIS guy got death threats? And he blames YOUR party?

Criticism equals death threats is the magic phrase this week, but wonder what happens if it’s a Republican or Trump official who is the target?

Just kidding, we of course know that Democrats are excited by and endorse death threats against Republicans, and so does the media. Do you even remember that a guy tried to assassinate an entire baseball game full of elected Republican members of congress? Do you remember one of them was shot to rather serious and life threatening consequence? Because Democrats don’t.

Maybe you can forgive AOC a bit, when that happened she was probably still in elementary school. In any case, you can bet they aren’t shedding tears for Carter Page, the guy they insisted was a Russian spy and came just barely shy of putting out a wanted poster with his face on it that says Dead or Alive. They barely didn’t do that.

But here he is talking about what they did do, and what happened because of it.

And here is an example of a typical liberal reaction.

Imagine if it was Lisa Page instead of Carter Page. What a different reaction there would be. Also imagine if instead of criticizing Omar’s words, she were being accused of being a Russian spy and part of an immense cover-up to steal an election.

There’s criticism and then there’s criticism.

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