Hey Obama, what about the Tea Party?

A caller on Rush’s show today referenced Obama speaking directly to the people of Egypt yesterday, saying:

To the people of Egypt, particularly the young people of Egypt, I want to be clear: We hear your voices.

The caller wonders why, when Americans in the form of Tea Parties went to DC in the hundreds of thousands to peacefully protest his policies, that there was nary a mention of support by Obama:

The caller makes a really great point. I’m not sure about the ‘hundreds of thousands’, minus Beck’s 8/28, but even so I know we numbered at least 30k in DC on the weekend ObamaCare passed. But to the bigger point I would add that not only has Obama not told us that ‘he hears us’, but he’s mocked and derided the Tea Party’s views. He likes to talk about having dialogue, but only employs that as a rhetorical device to make him seem diplomatic. He’s far from diplomatic with the Right.

Yet he can tell the people of Egypt that their dissent is legitimate and that ‘he hears them’. Perhaps it is, but ours is as well and we never got a press conference. It’s because Obama is not a true leader. As the caller pointed out, he said he would be the President to all Americans but it’s clear that he’s only been the President of the Left, pushing radical leftist policies on Americans who en masse reject them.

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