HHS Sec admits he knew about baby formula crisis since last year…

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra admitted on CNN this morning that he knew about the baby formula crisis since last year, when the FDA told him about it:

As you well know from recent days, Biden has been getting a lot of criticism for his handling of this crisis, which has been virtually non-existent.

He claimed last week that the only way his administration’s response to the crisis would have been better is if they had been better ‘mind readers’ or something.

But his administration did know about it. In fact they caused it by shutting down one of the largest baby formula plants in the country:

The FDA “dropped the ball’’ on the country’s baby-formula crisis — shutting down a crucial plant on top of product recalls and then not warning parents of the ramifications, experts told The Post on Friday.

Desperate moms and dads have been trawling stores across the country in search of baby formula ever since mega-manufacturer Abbott issued a safety recall in February for products made at its plant in Sturgis, Mich., over contamination concerns.

The Food and Drug Administration later closed the plant after federal inspectors found Abbott failed to maintain sanitary conditions and procedures there — sparking a cascade of crippling effects on the supply chain.

“Somebody, whether it be Abbott or the FDA, should have realized, ‘We’re stopping production at one of a handful of plants that produces baby formula and what are the repercussions,’” said William Marler, a lawyer specializing in food-safety cases, to The Post.

“That’s where the FDA and Abbott dropped the ball. … They could have recalled the product without shutting the facility. They do recalls all the time without shutting the facility down.”

Not only did they not warn the public that this was coming, but now we see Biden’s HHS Secretary knew about it all this time and also did nothing about it.

Now mothers are struggling to find baby formula to feed their babies…

You wouldn’t think one administration could be this bad, especially in an election year. Do they want Republicans to win???

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