Hilarious! Dennis Miller busts on Obama and gender-neutral bathrooms

OK so it was Miller’s riff on gender-neutral bathrooms that got me, but his slam on Obama was also pretty awesome:

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32 thoughts on “Hilarious! Dennis Miller busts on Obama and gender-neutral bathrooms

  1. All they really need is a single bathroom for “gender confused” people. The rest can continue with what works.

    Of course, I’m a huge fan of those “Family” bathrooms you find in malls, Sam’s Club, most newer Wal Marts, and airports.

  2. I gotta say,,,,,after I stopped spitting on my screen, you gotta admit some feminists ARE growlers!!!!

  3. This is going to cause a lot of problems when two couples go out together. How are the ladies going to be able to talk about who knows what if their guys are right there?

    1. Constance-that was to me, a “coffee spewer”. My computer screen took a good hit of coffee when I heard that.

  4. “Tapping out the enigma code in the next stall…” I almost pee’d myself laughing on that one…hilarious!

  5. We are fortunate to have Dennis Miller and Greg Gutfeld on our side. I laugh more with those guys than anyone else, including my own reflection. My favorite idea here was the debt clock commercial, with Romney just standing there glancing at it a time or two, and saying nothing.

    What needs to be said? The watchers would speak to themselves in terms unique to them. In one way or another though, wouldn’t you have to say something like “Damn! Could this thingamabuck be clickin’ any faster?”

    1. This was a classic Miller-time segment. Miller was on his game last night-his comments about Obama and the Khardashians had me spewing coffee as I watched the clip.

  6. Well, if a woman went into a genderless bathroom, I guess I’d be curious to see how they would use the urinal. And if they didn’t know how to use one, all they’d have to do is ask Hillary Clinton for instructions.

    1. I’m sure like most liberals, they’d just sit down on it and think about it. The answer would come to them soon enough.

    2. Call me old school but I still believe if you can’t write your name in the snow standing up you don’t belong in a men’s room.

  7. “A woman can sit in a stall next to a LaCrosse player taing a growler…”

    I spit my drink out on that it was so funny! Dennis Miller was on a roll! 🙂

  8. hilarious !!!!!

    Which ONE woman on the view did Obama NOT kiss on his entrance??
    -What does this tell You??

  9. If Obamney needs gimmicks to appear “like a regular guy”, then he’s not worth my time.

    1. Here’s a good gimmick-put him into a stall in a gender neutral stall, next to Dennis Miller!

  10. …with oblique references he wouldn’t understand. What, like balancing the budget?

    I saw that last night and when Miller said it, I spewed coffee all over the place. It was absolutely brilliant.

  11. O’Reilly: “You could make esoteric side references he wouldn’t understand…”
    Miller: “Like balancing the budget?”

    Dead. Solid. Perfect.

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