HILARIOUS: Group creates video mocking liberals supporting war

Mark Levin played this parody video on his radio show tonight, made by Second City who is mocking liberals for supporting war. It’s hilarious.


(h/t: Newsbusters)

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60 thoughts on “HILARIOUS: Group creates video mocking liberals supporting war

  1. The only scary part of this hilarious parody is that there are those who really believe this crap and would agree with it.  Partisan politics have destroyed this country simply because those who cant see beyond the red or the blue forgot this nation is about the red, white and blue.  This should go viral it is worth the joke that BO is.

  2. joehorton21 Seb Anders It’s sort of under construction.  Had one sometime ago but the server disappeared with all I had on it, although most of what was on it is still on file, but dated.  And I am not very good at setting one up. It’s at sebastiananders.ca.
    I am also on Facebook at [email protected]

  3. I should not have laughed when the whole ‘kissed by Lindsay Graham rubble” thing came up… with lipstick…but I laughed so much I nearly choked on my coffee.

  4. deTocqueville1 Laurel A I think they were like blind squirrels finding nuts. And Dan is never ever good on his own. He has to have a partner.

  5. I wanted to laugh, a couple of times I chuckled. I am just in such a state of real sadness for my country. This is a great video. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  6. totink Proudhispanicconservative Typical liberal tactic, if yah can’t win a battle , lie, cheat, steal, or whatever, and whine a lot about ‘fairness when you lose.

  7. Seb Anders Woah, you did your homework quite well, well written and not boring. My first thought was, you’re advocating a modern day ‘Roman Gladiator’s Holiday’ period. My second thought was that, there probably will be more brawling by the spectators. than inside the ‘arena’. My third thought was, why go find a huge desert area, the battle ground is all around us already, the duels are going on at present, the only problem  that we’re having now is that the duels are just too mismanaged by too many incompetent managers.
    Thoroughly enjoyed your post though. thumbs up for some great clear thinking. Very thought provoking.

  8. chris3  Liberals probably actually believe this.. and are thinking and saying, Yeah..  Let’s do it..   LOL
    The indoctrinated liberal idiocy, thus hypocrisy of the left, is truly an ignominious experience in astronomical asinine stupidity- where logic, reason, common sense, and intelligence in and of the human mind’s ability and application to apply any form of actual independent thought process, aka utilizing cognizant functioning braincells, if they still exist in liberals, are absolutely completely devoid. But try telling them that,  getting them to understand that, it’s like talking to a wall, not that they even care, which makes liberals not just stupid, but dangerous.

  9. Proudhispanicconservative Both Giron and Morse are out!  I doubt there will be a recount since the Dem’s were busing in college kids from the dorms to up their numbers.  Problem is it’s a felony to lie about being a resident, and the future leaders of America used their dorm addresses which haven’t been listed long enough to be residents.  I’m hoping that the county clerk goes after them, not because I want their lives ruined for lying and committing fraud, but because they were so flagrantly obscene about it.  There were poll watchers warning them and the little darlings just told them that they didn’t care, they were going to vote anyway.  Great leadership from the bus managers, way to get kids in really big trouble.  Hope the hamburger they gave you was worth it.

  10. To complete the scene – should have Country Joe doing the “fish cheer” and ” I feel like I’m fixin to die rag” from Woodstock.

  11. WAR CAN BE FUN  —- Not Just Profitable
    One of the things that are of
    great international concern, if not the greatest, is War.
    The general consensus is that
    War is bad.  For something so terrible,
    however, we seem to spend a lot of time at it. 
    This, according to the experts, is due to the fact that war is part of
    human nature.
    Man (by the way, Man, in its
    proper English form, means “humanity” – inclusive of all genders) is
    a warrior.  War is indeed inherent in the
    nature of Man for the protection of territory, feeding ground, water sources,
    natural wealth, property, chattel, family, tribe, boundaries and, of course,
    religion.  There are even Wars stemming
    from old feuds, so old that the reasons for them are forgotten while the hate
    lingers on.  Personally I think War has
    just been given a bad press. 
    Deep inside we all love
    War.  Some of the most successful movies
    in the history of filmmaking are War movies; the higher the content of blood,
    gore and violence, the more box-office success it enjoys.  And we love to remember Wars and battles;
    look at all the memorials, the monuments, the annual celebrations and parades.
    Millions of lives have been lost
    because of Man’s love of conflict, but that’s no big deal: the earth’s
    population is too great anyway.  And
    besides, Man is the most renewable natural resource on this planet.
    What does bother me, however, is
    the senseless devastation Man’s achievements: cities, towns, villages, forests,
    farmlands, etc.  It takes a lot more than
    nine months to renew the resources needed to rebuild them.  After years of reflection and research on the
    subject a practical alternative to the dilemma of WAR has been found.
    Since it is a necessary evil,
    what we need to do is to use War to everyone’s advantage.  Properly done it can solve countless social,
    economic and political problems.
    First and foremost, War must be
    taken away from inhabited areas.  A
    resolution must be passed by the international community to set aside areas
    designated as WAR ZONES on various continents, where War can be carried out
    without adverse effects on the rest of the planet: minimal when compared to
    volcanoes and other natural disasters. 
    The most logical choice is the desert and where possible, close to the
    sea so as not to exclude the navy. The Middle East comes to mind.
    These war zones would be the
    only places where conflicts could be “settled”. 
    Violators would suffer immediate and total annihilation by an
    international war and peacekeeping force.
    Of course there would be more
    conflicts than war zones, so sub zones would be set aside.  The conflicting parties would book a sub zone
    and negotiate a time frame with the booking agency.  Should the conflict not be resolved within
    the allotted time the adversaries would then have to move to the main War zone
    with the rest of the unresolved conflicts where the fighting is totally without
    ideology; just fighting for the sake of fighting: side A against side B.
    Surrounding the WAR ZONE would
    be a CONTROL ZONE.  This heavily
    controlled area would practically eliminate the need for prisons; convicted
    criminals would be sent to the war zone. 
    In a sense it would be the dumping ground for the undesirables of the
    With the proper marketing
    approach the war zones could become the playgrounds for the thrill seekers, the
    rich and crazy, and definitely for the warmongers.  The travel brochures would outline the
    reasons for choosing one side or the other such as colour and style of
    uniforms, types of weapons and equipment, quality of rations, days off, health
    plan, chances for advancement in the ranks and so on.  Booking agencies, travel agencies, holiday
    and adventure tour groups and the transportation industry would all be involved
    as would advertising agencies who would thrive on the latest in trendy drugs,
    cigarette and alcohol ads on billboards as well as on all social media.
    Hockey and football have become
    much too passive and meek for the average fans of blood and gore.  The alternative?  A weekend, a week or up to thirty days in the
    War Zone as observers: including beer, booster drinks, big macs, poutine, and
    submarine sandwiches. No salads or anything healthy.
    Those who no longer get a rush
    from skiing, skydiving, white water rafting, or drugs, would book adventure
    tours to the War Zone, as combatants. 
    And of course there would be designated areas in the control zone for
    the usual subsidiary War activities like pornography, prostitution, drugs,
    black market and spying: places where the most loathsome and iniquitous of
    human vileness can be freely expressed.
    The centre of the War Zone would
    be the perfect dumping ground for social parasites such as unrepentant and
    incorrigible juvenile delinquents and news reporters, gang members, divorcees
    unable to reach a reasonable understanding, bureaucrats and other incompetents.  Physical, emotional and sexual abusers would
    be sent to the front line.  Polluters,
    drug lords and pushers, murderers and assassins, rapists, abortionists,
    kidnapers, psychiatrists, bad doctors and lawyers, bad cops, all bleeding heart
    Liberal judges, terrorists, separatists, language tzars and police, corrupt and
    overpaid executives, most public servants and many politicians, all
    progressives, including communists, socialists and Liberals, proponents of
    political correctness and feminazis, to the front line, unarmed.
    And to keep the rest of us
    informed about what is really going on in the War Zones, we would move the head
    offices of all the major news services to the War Zones, such as the CBC, CTV,
    CNN, Al Jazeera, Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, New York Times, The Murdock
    Chain of newspapers, etc., and all their top reporters and anchor people,
    The solution is not to try to
    eliminate the ills afflicting humanity, an impossible and hopeless task, but
    rather to refocus them and use them to our advantage.  Since War is such an integral part of our
    makeup it is important that proper use be made of it.  Yesterday it meant threats, violence, and
    injustice.  Tomorrow it will mean
    thrills, excitement, adventure and pleasant memories without memorials or
    monuments.  And finally, a real home for
    the scum of the earth.

  12. “But don’t worry; if we’re not able to reach our goal of $1.6 trillion, we will just ask Obama to tax it out of greedy wall street bankers. And that greedy grocery store owner down the block from you who’s earning more than his fair share of $200,000. “

  13. Shouldn’t they paint them powder pink for breast cancer awareness?  Provided of course you still have any breasts left that haven’t been blown to smithereens in a Prius Hybrid tank!
    John Craven – New Orleans

  14. Just think for a million I get to pick my own Senator, to slap the day light out of? and knock him back in to yesterday? Count me in. I want that buffoon.

  15. Trillions added to the debt….
    Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood….
    More Christians being slaughtered today than in any other time in history……………….
    Black on white violence accelerating….
    The destruction of our medical system……………………………………..
    BECAUSE OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Laurel A Come on Laurel, they were great way back when they had the edge and hadn’t sold their souls to the progressive cause. Candy was a unique guy in every way and a very kind hearted one.

  17. nhLevinitized CalCoolidge Proudhispanicconservative Microsoft who owns Bing was the first company to hop in bed with the NSA.

  18. I agree with most of the folks posting here;  a bit funny, the part I liked best was the Prius / Tank remark. Could you imagine the mighty Abrams M1 Tank being fueled by a Prius engine…HAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, Perhaps we can paint them all powder blue. (any one watch Jeff Dunham?)

  19. Levin says this is a liberal group. 
    I HATE liberalism but I LOVE this video. 
    This is soooo going on FB…………….and Pinterest….

  20. There was only one point that I actually laughed, and that’s when they said they were trying to raise $1.6 trillion for WWIII.  It just wasn’t funny.  It was good and made the point, but it was far from being hilarious.

  21. Hilarious! I like that they got the stupid ‘neo’ prefix in front of liberal and at the end the ‘paid for by Koch Industries’! 

    The two women in that are gorgeous as well.

  22. Great sketch and a great troup out of Toronto. They have given us John Candy, Martin Short, Dan Ackroyd, Gilda Radner and many other wonderful comedy stars.

  23. It would be funny  if it wasn’t so serious. Off Topic anybody has any news on the Colorado Recall?

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