Hilarious! Glenn Beck mocks Adam Gadahn

Adam Gadahn has released a new message to the west, specifically Obama, and Beck not only mocks it but he mocks the first one too. Really funny!

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824 thoughts on “Hilarious! Glenn Beck mocks Adam Gadahn

  1. How do you joke about this kind of stuff? Really immature and pointless. Beck is fueling hatred and racism towards muslims.

  2. About as “hilarous” as making fun of retarded people. (Glenn should beware of doing that, because turnabout is fair play!)

  3. I give 5 seconds for ms. surrender monkey in chief obozobama to drop his golf clubs & turn eastward then bend over and drops to his knees after seeing gadhans video. The fwanch euro strategy for success in everything, which explains their miserable failure in accomplishing anything, is now the new white house standard in dealing with terrorist demands. Appease till you puke then get off your knees and bend over eagerly for your reward. Its only the neighborly thing to do in polite liberal society.

  4. Gadan didn't go overseas to be a terrorist – he went to be a rock star or a DJ!! – LOLOL. Too freakin' bad … I need Depends to listen to this!!!!

  5. And yet, I can hear the liberal heads getting ready to exlode. “Oh my goodness! He's just going to make Gadahn mad. Why can't he just take the high road (like all good libs, right)?”

    Comedy worked in WW2, it can work today. Great clip!

  6. Oh, good grief. Did Adam get permission from Osama before sending out this scary, scary message? I probably won't sleep but 12 hours tonight worrying about the dangers of that bad boy.

    Glenn, you are great on this one.

  7. What a sissy Adam Gadahn is, and such a pathetic, misguided tool and fool!

    He is part of a cult, and he is about 35 years late for the era of the cults.

    Adam, you sissy boy, wash my socks. When you are done, you can walk the dog (we don't even have a dog), but keep your hands to yourself. Don't abuse the dog. If you do, Adam, you will get a serious spanking, you naughty little boy.

    Adam, please. Put on some clothes.

    No, not women's underwear. You look so silly in women's underwear, Adam.

    You especially look silly in those granny panties, Adam, you sissy boy.

    Adam, don't waste your breath and time trying to threaten us. Our daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, and grandmothers could all beat you to a crying, whimpering, pleading for mercy pulp, you weak little misguided, pathetic little poor excuse for a boy.

    Now, whipe your dirty bottom, stop pretending to be strong when you are merely misguided, insecure, and involved with a crazy, looney, blood and death cult of boy-on-boy lust, and see a dentist about that stench coming out of your mouth. You really need some dental work, little Adam.

  8. Gadahn would be pathetic even if he wasn't so damned funny. I find it hard to believe that Al Qaeda believes that we'd take this ding bat seriously.

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