Hillary and Bill traumatized by Trump tactics, dread further Wikileaks revelations

Eli Stokels relates to Chris Matthews on how Hillary’s camp is filled with dread at the thought of what else might come out at Wikileaks, and what else Trump might do to humiliate Bill and Hillary.

Watch below:

But, it’s not because they’re losing, it’s because Trump’s scorched earth tactics are dragging everyone through the sewer.

Here’s the politico report he cites:

“This is making me tear up, it’s so infuriating and disgusting,” a Clinton aide wrote in an email halfway through the St. Louis debate, arguably the low-water point of a general election that has had few high-tide moments. “This is not our country.”

In Trump’s Mourning-in-America march to the abyss, he has rejected political norms, and his campaign has largely devolved into trashing Clinton, the women accusing him of sexual assault and harassment, the legitimacy of U.S. elections, the media, President Barack Obama, the GOP and the time-honored idea of a presidential campaign as a sunny, aspirational enterprise.

Even more unnerving is the release of stolen emails popping daily, like the morning paper hitting the driveway, from WikiLeaks — part of an effort Clinton’s aides believe is geared toward dividing her supporters, sapping her team’s morale, and distracting the media’s attention from Trump’s self-immolation.

Oh well. At least the orange-faced idiot is making her miserable, even as he’s shoehorning her giant cankles into the Oval Office.

Bill Clinton is also “having a hard time,” according to a source familiar with his thinking, as he watches Trump revive the former president’s decades-old sex scandals in an effort to tarnish his wife, and was reportedly enraged when Trump paraded his accusers around the debate last week in St. Louis, even seating them in the front row. (An aide disputed both characterizations of his mind-set.)

Chelsea Clinton remains “very focused” on the email hack, livid at accusations hurled at her by a former Clinton aide, Doug Band, calling her a “spoiled brat kid … [who] hasn’t found her way and has a lack of focus in her life.”

She is also “hurt,” a source said, by the fact that Podesta does not appear to defend her in his response to the email. (Chelsea Clinton’s spokeswoman pushed back on the characterization. “Anyone saying that simply doesn’t know Chelsea. Chelsea isn’t bothered by gossip but instead has been ‘very focused’ on campaigning for her mom, making sure the Clinton Foundation is able to help as many people as possible as effectively as possible, as well as being a mom herself,” she said.)

LOL.. sorry, I just find that funny even though they’re trying to paint them in a sympathetic light. Both of these moron candidates are paranoid psychos.

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