Hillary campaign manager says PUTIN hacked DNC emails to HELP DONALD TRUMP!!

Hillary campaign lie-monger Robby Mook went on the Sunday news shows in an attempt to put out the enormous conflagration from the DNC email document dump, and instead of apologizing for screwing over Bernie, he pivoted to blame Putin!

Watch below:

Now he’s actually right – there’s a lot of people who see Russian complicity in the Wikileaks emails that are so damaging to Hillary Clinton but help Putin’s BFF Trump who just announced he would let Putin invade whatever country he wanted.

But we can chew gum and walk at the same time – nothing precludes us from being alarmed that Russians might be interfering in our politics and ALSO demanding that heads roll at the DNC for upending the Democratic process in their primary election. Duh.

Here’s Hillary’s weird panicky statement last night blaming the Russians.

Here’s when the Russians hacked the Pentagon.

Here’s when the Russians hacked the White House emails.

Here’s when Russian hackers stole Trump opposition research from the DNC and released it to help him.

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