Hillary Clinton praises girl for announcing she’s illegal…

Hillary Clinton praises girl for announcing she’s illegal:

You know, this girl ought be blaming her parents for putting her in this predicament, for bringing her over here illegally. It’s not our fault. We didn’t create this life for her.

And this isn’t about me putting on her shoes so that I understand what she is going through. I’m certainly empathetic to her situation. But either the rule of law means something or it doesn’t.

Why not just suck it up, go back to Croatia and apply for residency here. It may take a few years but she’ll be in a much better position once it is complete. And then she won’t have to cry about a ‘glass ceiling’.

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168 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton praises girl for announcing she’s illegal…

  1. While it sounds cynical to say that the affluent provide a service by trying new things, the same service would be required under socialism.

  2. hillary loves to brag about the compromising position she’s left a lot of young people in. Truth is, our border patrol and immigration laws SHOULD be taking care of this “problem” before it even happens but politicians like hillary LOVE when they slip through. I’m just curious when this young lady arrived, was it during bill and hillary’s term?

  3. oh killary … you and jebby, you and jebby .. it was an ACT OF LOVE, wasn’t it killary?

    Killary/Jebby or Jebby/Killary 2016!

    for all those who want Obama’s DESTRUCTIVE AGENDA to continue!

  4. Imagine if the girl was a lesbian, too. Hillary would have had to change her panties. Or boxers, whatever is appropriate.

      1. Ha! Is that real or shopped? I’ve heard Hillary likes women almost as much as Bill. Of course in that pic she could just be wishing she had a set like that. It would get her more votes.

        1. I remember reading about her and someone who worked for her . Back when Bill was screwing around with ML .

          1. I believe your right. Her personal assistant or something? OK, I searched it and typed as far as hillary’s gi and it came up with Hillary’s girlfriend Huma.

    1. That comment is gonna make me think about the correct answer for the rest of the day………Great Comment. LOL.

      1. Whenever possible I like to keep it light with all the tragedy unfolding around us. One of my ancestors died on the Titanic while rearranging deck chairs.

        1. Deck Chairs? LOL. Have a Happy and Wonderful Easter ole Buddy. May the GOOD LORD above shower his blessings on YOU and the Family. PT.

  5. Yea lets feel sorry for another illegal. Get on line and wait like everyone else. I’m so tired of this crap.

  6. Democracy was not invented for times like this,” Savage proclaimed, adding:

    You have more people on Medicaid and Medicare than live in England.

    You have more non-working Americans than ever in history.

    Tell me why somebody on welfare should vote.

    Of course he’ll vote himself a raise — a fat slob who does nothing.

    The ancient Greeks didn’t invent democracy for times like these.

    It was invented for a homogeneous society in limited numbers.

    Then they knew they could have cohesion and come to rational decisions.

    You’re telling me this government is rational?

    The reason we have Obama is because of the leeches, the bums and the illegal aliens.

    Anybody who got where they are by working hard knew who Obama really was just by looking at him.

    You know I’m right, but you know that you can’t say it
    Michael Savage tells it like it is

  7. i wonder how many children this illegal girl has? thats the only thing the system teaches her to do.

        1. …and your little dog, too! Every time I see one of those “Don’t make me get the flying monkies” bumper stickers I think, 0 voter.

        1. Are you implying she’d have to tie a pork chop around her neck to get the dog to play with her?

          1. I though you were talking about Pinocchio , but she needs something around her neck besides her LIES .

            1. Perhaps a necktie party is in order for the whole lot of them. After a fair trial, of course.

              1. Can I kick the CHAIR , and I wouldn’t hesitate . A trial would take to long , but we could let they toes touch the ground and watch THEM dance .

                1. Dude, you are HARD core. No need to make them suffer, just don’t shoot until you know you have a clean kill, like deer hunting.

                2. They all should suffer . Just look at the people who are suffering because of what most on the Left have done to our country .
                  What difference does it make . BENGHAZI clinton , and it was just a bump in the road obama .

                3. I share your frustration, I guess we would just have a different solution to the problem. I try to remember the danger of becoming what I hate.

  8. Wow… can you say “Planted in the Audience”!

    What about our citizens shoes? No one ever mentions our own citizens. Why doesn’t someone ask her how is it that illegals help us.. You know, depressing wages, stealing identities, bringing diseases into our country that we had eradicated, more crime, more UN-educated people for us to support, anchor babies that are costing us billions of dollars a year, anchor babies coming across border everyday for a free education at our expense, taking jobs below liveable wages forcing our skilled and unskilled workers to be permanently displaced, stealing classroom resources from our schools that don’t have enough money as it is, inflation (caused by supply and demand) due to the resources they are using (gas, electricity, water, roads,accidents, etc.)….. yeah the real problem is everyone is sympathetic until it hits home to them. Our own family, friends, comunities etc are losing jobs every day to these ILLEGALS. Don’t forget about the billions in health care we are loosing to these parasites!

    So, cry me a river and swim home! It’s your families responsibility for bring you here. Go ask them why they screwed your life up. Don’t expect us to fix their problems.

    This Undocumented word is for LIBERALS.. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS even according to our own government, IT’S just not the PC thingy to call them what they are.


  9. No problem with violating laws for the illegals-but hold on, don’t mess with them there turtles. Lets shut those ranchers down pronto.

  10. I suppose Hillary will next be praising burglars, muggers, and people committing other illegal acts for coming forth and telling the world what they’ve done that’s illegal. I don’t understand why some politicians think it’s okay for people to come into the United States illegally. In that young lady’s situation she had no choice…her parents brought her here. Try entering other countries illegally and see what happens…it won’t be pleasant.

  11. Good golly, Miss Molly. Hillary looks like a hog. She needs to start running, it’s way too late to jog.

    1. If Hillary starts to jog or run can you imagine what that will do to any seismograph within 100 miles?

  12. Any other country would toss her out on her tuckus. I’m in favor of [legal] immigration.Not for illegal immigration. Hillary should have voiced the law. [Yes, I’m dreaming].

  13. Hillary looked her best when she played the role of Jethro’s granny on TV, her looks have deteriorated since then.

  14. I am shocked to read that fellow conservatives here think this girl was planted and in some way her story would be of any benefit to hippy/hiilary….if anything it exposes the hypocrisy and abusive power that the Clintons feel they can get away with. Hill is the same as this crying immature twenty something…..work around the law instead of through the law is her message. or, lets just make the laws up as we go along.

    I know many rank and file older generation democrats that would not be happy with hillary unilaterally just waving her wand and making this girl legal

  15. If they found an illegal immigrant from Croatia then she certainly was planted. My guess is that her family aren’t gang-bangers, aren’t criminals (except for the illegal part), and aren’t in any way representative of illegal immigrants.
    This is pure propaganda.

    1. an illegal is the same no matter its sliced and in no way does it make hill look good other than in someone as yourself. you cant separate the good from the bad and be able to enforce a law.

        1. propaganda/brainwashing/fear mongering/ race baiting/ class warfare….. this is the democrat party and stupid people are to blame for giving us this sinking ship that is dragging us all down with it.

    2. especially the faux tears (representing a gender-based special pleading for a teary-eyed dispensation….
      What happened to gender (Heaven forbid) equality?
      The American Maxim has become the unisex prospect for cultural suicide

      1. It’s like islamic propaganda. Islam despises women but knows how to use them.
        The truly sick thing is that “feminists” are systematically destroying the culture which gives women equal rights, and are acting like islam’s quislings.

  16. “I’m an undocumented immigrant *waits for applause*” Well isn’t that a sugar coated way of saying I’m an ILLEGAL ALIEN! I don’t ever want to hear another democrat say Obamacare is the law of the land and then ignore our own immigration laws. They can’t have it both ways.

    This chick has been in this country for 14 years and neither her or her parents have tried to get her to become a legal citizen in all that time, then she want’s to complain about it’s hard to get a job. Her whole arguments are based on emotionalism. And guess what lady even the Native American’s came from somewhere else. Heck anyone born here is a native American. What a crappy argument.

  17. The Dems main constituency these days are illegal immigrants, who are, foreigners, aka citizens of other nations.

  18. Cry me a river. Sure she should blame her parents! But, aren’t we at a time in America when most don’t accept the truth & I would guess this girl thinks she is entitled to get a ticket on the gravy train that Obama & the democrats have planned to increase their voter base. What about the LEGAL citizens that are suffering even more then the illegals? Don’t ask. Even if you did you would never get an honest answer.

    1. she blames you and i for stealing from the na indian, the only legal citizen. She should be blaming her parents for teaching her wrong from right.

  19. I could be wrong, but I’m suspicious she was planted there to make political points and give Clinton a “compassionate moment” for the cameras.

    And why were the other morons applauding when she announced she was an illegal alien? It’s NOTHING to be proud of and deserves NO applause!

    Just this week between Dingy Harry calling me a “domestic terrorist” for daring to support a rancher’s stand against totally unjustified strong arm tactics and now Billary praising Illegals… Liberalism… Is a mental disease!

        1. Temptation is only bad if you act on it. As I am fond of quoting Twain around here, “I have never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with pleasure.”

            1. He was a pretty humorous guy, that’s one reason I use him as my avatar. Plus, the progs go, “I’ve never seen that picture of Dr, Strangelove before!”

  20. The Tsarnaev Boston bomber brothers also came from Croatia. They, too, wanted to make a contribution here. So let’s open our borders to everyone who wants to come here for whatever reason. What could go wrong?

      1. Ahem. Not saying I at all disagree, but aren’t you the Moderator? When did you get into the awards business? Isn’t that a clear conflict of interest, to be both moderating and evaluating at the same time?

        1. Just because I’m a moderator doesn’t mean I leave my opinion at the door. I agree and disagree with a lot, if you’ve been here long enough. As for being a moderator, if you don’t think I’m fair, you’re free to take it up with Scoop or KeninMontana.

        2. That sounds so liberal…

          Duckie has been here a LONG time and she can say what she wants. (not that she needs my permission. But I for one value her opinion)

          And why is an opinion by a moderator any less valid than an opinion by anyone else? Is there some internet rulebook somewhere that prohibits this?

        1. Even if he got the place wrong, it’s still an excellent comment and perfectly said and on point. Illegals and those who come here don’t necessarily come for the kind of “contributions” that hillary and progressives try and claim.

    1. That is true. But not only did they commit a horrific crime against Americans but they lived off the welfare system for the entirety of their lengthy stay as our ‘guests’. So we actually unwittingly funded their terrorist activities.

      1. Phil is right. The Boston Bombers came from Chechnya, not Croatia. (That’s what I get for trusting a random website.) But a Croatian group was suspected in a bombing at LaGuardia in 1975 that killed 11 and wounded 75, so no country is immune. No matter where immigrants are from, we at least need to do a basic background check on them to minimize the risk of terrorism or disease. Those who come here illegally receive no background check of any kind.

        1. No worries, but the fact is that Croatia and Chechnya (however you spell the name of that hellhole of a country) are different like day and night.
          (p.s. I have slightly edited my first comment, removed the snark)

  21. This reminded me of an AA meeting gone bad. Hi, I’m Sam and I’m an alcoholic. I would like to emphasize how being an alcoholic is not my fault and I have no intention on doing the hard, just work that is required for me to put my life on the right path. Instead, just watch over me all day and hold my hair while I’m bowing to the porcelain thrown. Then, replenish my rum supply.

    1. I knew you’d bring the voice of reason to this debate. You are uniquely qualified to comment on this story.

      1. lol I don’t know if my crying is a voice of reason, but thank you. You know if there’s a story of illegal hypocrisy- I’ll be here eventually to VOICE my opinion πŸ™‚

        1. You cried for the RIGHT reason. The process and the journey was worth the wait and it meant more to you. She is crying because she’s admitting something that she has been hiding and she’s nervous.

    2. Duckie,
      Now you are the moderator, the evaluator, AND a commentator? What could go wrong? Wow, this is getting good!

      1. I’ve been commenting here long before I was a moderator. We have opinions and like to voice them just as much as anyone, but try and keep the site family friendly at the same time.

      2. She’s also a former LEGAL alien who recently got her American citizenship. She couldn’t BE more qualified to comment on this subject.
        Listen and learn. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

      3. Why don’t you go and troll someplace else. Duckie is a trusted and well liked commentator and moderator. There is no duplicity here, everyone knows she is a commentator and moderator. She does a great job too! Hey Scoop! Give this Duckie a RAISE! She’s been stellar and tireless in her efforts to keep this a family friendly open forum. The amount of trolls she’s send scurrying back under rocks is probably countless!!

  22. Two things first off I found interesting. First, they clapped for her, like “Oh wow- how awesome for you!” Like being illegal is an accomplishment. Or her for admitting to a group of lib women is something brave and worthy of applause?

    But she also said she was brought over from split Croatia. I can’t remember very well about the war, but I do know Bill Clinton was the one who got the US into that war.

    Fact is, this girl was brought over by her parents who should have started proceedings for gaining legal status. It’s not the immigration laws that has kept her from being “empowered”. We are all immigrants, but most of us come here legally- through the system.

    Hillary is one hypocrite of the most supreme magnitude talking about empathy and walking in others’ shoes. Wish she could have walked in Chris Stevens’, Sean Smiths’, Tyrone Woods’ and Glen Dohertys’ shoes.

    The problem is NOT the immigration laws- it’s the people in our government who allow others to break them.

    1. Hi, Duckie!
      Yes, Das Clinton involved us in that bunch of non-sense. I know, I was there in Zagreb, Croatia back in 1993. I was under the Smurf beret of the U.N. at the M*A*S*H Hospital on the International Airport there..UNPROFOR…I believe the Operation was Operation Provide Promise. I was part an MP squad tasked with the security of the Hospital base there. Croatia was actually one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen up close and personal…(get this…I met a babe there…and she ended up being from CANADA!).

      But you’re right…it’s all political…and in the liberals’ eyes, if it’s political it’s okay to be illegal.

      1. In Massachusetts the Attorney General Martha Coakley actually has stated loud and clear, “It isn’t illegal to be illegal”.

          1. I agree. But Massachusetts elected Ted Kennedy time after time and then John Kerry so I don’t expect much out of that state.

            Oh, and Elizabeth Warren. How could I overlook Fauxahontas?

      2. Why is it that all I can focus on your time in Croatia is the fact that you met a Canadian babe? lol. There are a few up there lol.

        Thank you John. I love your way of telling it. Smurfs. Thank you.

    2. Dick Morris suggested a fund to fly the parents on this pres. tour of hers. These men were staff/military men of hers that she showed no care what so ever for.

      1. That won’t matter to the progressives. What has to happen is for ads showing Hillary handing Putin the reset button. Progressives don’t care about the deaths of military people or people engaged in protecting anything American. But they really hate it when their utter stupidity is showcased.

        1. youre right but hill cancelled two dates so far because of the protests. she doesn’t like to face.
          and while ive never been a fan of morris’s. his new show out of philly, ripps into hillary daily. he has a vendetta and its very entertaining. he is on a mission to destroy hill.

          1. It is not Hillary’s reaction that is important. It is how the voters perceive her that will matter. Yes, libertarians and conservatives who are informed will not forget Benghazi but most people probably have never even heard of it. But pretty much everyone knows about the reset button. The media lavished that all over the news as though this was a shining moment for Obama. So, the opposition needs to go back to that fertile ground and do some cultivating.

            1. the reset button photo op she can blame on them.
              WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE ….she owns and has to look at…

              1. The opposition needs to run against Obama’s legacy and Hillary at the same time. And if she tries to blame it on him, what kind of a leader does that make her? She looks foolish either way. I don’t disagree with you on the, “What difference does it make” remark however. It is important that people see a lot of that too.

                1. she is a perfectionist at playing to the weak, and right now the US is more weak then strong….all around
                  there has never been anything presidential in the history of her collecting a paycheck from america.

      1. Unless you are Cliven Bundy. Then Harry Reid will be all mad because, “American’s can’t just break the law and walk away from it.”

    3. Yeah that was the war where USA saved Muslim lives.

      And being illegal is the new approved politically correct special interest group. Too bad those illegals don’t know that they just sold their soul to the devil.

    4. I’m curious how her parents came to America. Did they come to Mexico and then cross the border? Even so how would they get past customs?

    5. Ironically Clinton got us in there to stop the slaughter of muslims. They have, of course, been repaying us for the help since. Edit: Should have scrolled down before adding my redundant comment.

  23. I love how she stopped and waited for the obligatory applause from the audience. If she had any fear over revealing her situation I don’t think she’d be expecting applause.

  24. Somebody get that poor girl a tissue!

    Looking to someone who is part of the cabal to destroy jobs and who is responsible for the deaths of at least four people is not somebody you look to to empower you.

    Not only that, empowerment isn’t something somebody gives you, if they give it to you, they have power over you. You earn empowerment.

    In fact. Give that woman a bunch of tissues, she’s gonna need them.

  25. And another thing, I am oh so tired of the progressives using young people to achieve their goals. We will soon discover that this girl was either planted in the audience, or an activist, or both. Yes I am very cynical at this point. Thank you Republicans and Democrats for not living up to your fundamental responsibilities and allowing illegals to flow over our borders for decades.

    1. this was no gift to the lawless democrat party….this crying immature girl. Hill dug herself and turned it into a vote for me and you will be taken care of. This doesnt work in favor for Hill that her magic programs take care of things.

  26. I am sorry for this young woman but instead of weeping about the “extreme glass ceiling” she has encountered here she should be counting her blessings that she has had a free education from the greatest country in the world. Now that she has tasted what it is like to be an American she and her family must return to her native land and apply for citizenship like everyone else or this country she wants to be a part of will no longer exist. I have little sympathy for people who jump the queue. This is on her parents for believing they could cheat everyone else of their rightful place in line by coming here illegally.

  27. oh, and a pregnant Chelsea sitting there. Did she sign up for obamacare.

    How did she come here when she was five??? just goes to show how far removed laws are from these criminals…..
    and when she was five the only people here were NA. Indians??? so lets give her a pass.
    and the program that hill talks about for her to sign up and magically be given status…..who pays for that government program

  28. Any chance this girl was a plant in the audience? And is that 3 sets of twins I see in the picture, each wearing the same shirts?
    I could be wrong, it’s hard to see through all the tears….

    1. are you kidding. there is no way that this was anything but a gift for law enforcement problems, and an embarrassment to hillary that she had to dig herself out of that hole

  29. the same problems these illegal aliens leave their countries looking for greener grass are the same problems Hillary is famous for creating and then lying to buy her votes so she can be a career politician.

    Immature is what this child is for crying about her status, not courageous

  30. This is the first time I’m saying this publicly….but I’m a native born, white law-abiding American Christian male Conservative….

    Give me a sec….I’ve got something in my eye.

    What? no sympathy?

    1. and my people came on a boat through registration and all the laws put in place to citizenship, and didnt shed one tear of guilt about the process.

    2. All of us born in America whose parents were citizens of the United states are all native Americans. My ancestors came from Europe over hundred years ago, thus I’m not a native European.

      If we must distinguish between various Indian tribes or Eskimos, then refer to them as native Indian Americans or native Eskimo Americans.

      I’m sick of being considered a non native American based on political correctness.

      1. Damn right, my family’s been here nearly 400 years and if that doesn’t make us native, what does? How do we know the Anasazi weren’t the actual “natives” who were killed off by later arrivals? By the same logic you couldn’t call my ancestors who colonized this country natives of England because they didn’t get there until 1050 AD.

        1. 400 years – you’re a native American. And it sickens me that anyone would suggest otherwise.

          BTW, there are some minor clues that suggest the original people to immigrate to America may have been from what’s today Europe and not from Asia on the west coast. If you have an interest, it involves the Clovis arrowheads (Clovis Indians) that have been discovered in the west. Yet, these arrowheads can be found as you move to the east and can be traced to ancient peoples who lived in Europe.

          I only mention this because there is some doubt who were the first Americans and thus, it makes our point even stronger on being native Americans and you will never read it in the MSM or in our history books.

          1. Sure, there are old Viking settlements found in what is now Canada (and Greenland) from way before Columbus was even born and evidence the early Polynesians sailed here. There is speculation that many cultures have visited long ago, including the Greeks and Chinese, and no one has a claim to being “first” like it was some YouTube video. “Native” is a progressive term used to divide the population.
            I have read a little about the Clovis, maybe in a Louis L’Amour novel. While his story telling was predictable, his historical accuracy was impeccable.

  31. Go back to your home country. Respect the law and the men and women and children who have been following immigration laws to be here legally.

  32. Wonder how long it took them to find her?
    Oh. That was harsh, cynical, and unfeeling, wasn’t it. I’m sorry.

  33. crying because she knows she knows how wrong it is to fly under the radar to get a free pass. And vote for me and I will act like I care about you and dismiss any laws of citizenship

    1. There are a lot of people who stand before judges everyday who weep over their crimes. Do judges release them or is justice blind?

  34. What Shrillary and flaming liberals fail to comprehend is that the law is objective, the standard, legal, and there for a reason. If ANYONE is here illegally, they broke the law… that’s indisputable. For a so-called presidential contender to support illegal aliens is unconscionable… Shrillary has no idea how utterly foolish she is being on this topic. She is supporting lawlessness. And that is a major reason to disqualify her. Just another idiot reaching out for the brass ring.

  35. HILLARYous! It is OK for illegals to break the law, but, God forbid, the Bundy family is deviled by both the RINO’s and the left for violating a court order. Is it no wonder we stand with them? I might add I like beef too.

  36. We’re NOT all “illegal” immigrants. My family came through Ellis Island.

    What is a missed opportunity Hillary is closing the border. We MUST close the border FIRST!

  37. That’s the new standard, we do not praise achievements, we praise people who expose their sexual behavior publicly, we praise people who admit to violating the law, we even praise those who are proud of killing babies. Soon we will praise murderers who reduce the number of unemployed people. Where will it stop?

  38. Will any 2016 candidate use this in the black communities or any community where the illegal immigrate is the threat to their way of life?

    1. Notice how they use “guilt” and “emotional manipulation” to sell their agenda. THIS is what makes liberalism so effective. They manipulate your emotions. “Law” is so impersonal. It doesn’t touch people in the heart like a tear-jerking story of someone’s immigration or homosexual plight. “Law” doesn’t have a face so it’s difficult to get people to relate to it. Put a face on a homosexual who was allegedly bullied as a child and you have a reason to push an agenda that promotes hate crimes laws. Put a face on an illegal immigrant who is leaving a country steeped in poverty and drug violence and you have a face for your agenda to push amnesty.

      The fact is, each case is legitimate and worthy of our concern. Each case reminds us of why we should remember that our nation is a “melting pot”. The problem is HOW the solution is reached to solve these problems. The liberal manipulates the American people and then demonizes those who have equally valid solutions. It uses the plight of people like this girl as a stepping stone to help destroy America. They don’t give a flying FLIP about this girl, but if they can use her to get what they want, they will.

      Remember the story of “Jane Roe” (or Norma McCorvey) of Roe v Wade? She recalls how she was manipulated by radical liberals to be the guinea pig for their push to pass abortion laws:

      Describing how she was viewed by the pro-abortion community, McCorvey said, “Plain and simple, I was used. I was a nobody to them. They only needed a pregnant woman to use for their case, and that is it. They cared, not about me, but only about legalizing abortion. Even after the case, I was never respected — probably because I was not an ivy-league educated, liberal feminist like they were.”*

      THIS is how liberal-marxists work. They will use you and then throw you away like a piece of garbage when they’re done with you.

      liberalism is evil.


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