Hillary says Trump’s UN speech was ‘very DARK’ and ‘DANGEROUS’

The Hillinator is still being asked to comment on stuff and I have no idea why, but she thinks her opinion still matters to Americans. It’s sad really.

Here watch her whine for a while:

Uhm… yeah I mean she might have a point but no one cares what Hillary says. And in fact, according to the lovely and brilliant Dana Perino, who is no fan of Trump, the speech was well received by the right and those in the center.

Watch below:

Dana says that only the far left was troubled by the speech, and I think she’s right. There were people hyperventilating on twitter about it, but really, how many people even care what he says any more? I think that the media and the left have derided his speech so much that the world probably ignores anything he says, and just watches for what he does.

You can watch the entire speech from the United Nations here.

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