Holder contempt vote passes in committee, heads to the House for a vote


Talk about an all day hearing to get to one vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. But regardless it passed the committee 23-17 and will head to the full House for a vote. Talk about Awesomeness. I’ll let you know when the House votes as soon as I find out but I believe it’s sometime next week.

Also here is an explanation to what a contempt citation would mean.

UPDATE: Ed Henry from Fox News just tweeted out that Boehner and Cantor have set the vote for next week:

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47 thoughts on “Holder contempt vote passes in committee, heads to the House for a vote

  1. Issa will let Holder skate, maybe a slap on the wrist if anything for contempt. This is a circus. Lives were lost, lies were told, coverup to the president. Heads should roll. An independent counsel is needed- the republicans will not persue this matter for fear of being called names- wimps, enforce the laws, justice should prevail.

  2. Boehner has already agreed to a vote next week? Wow. That was faster than you can furious.

    1. It pretty much shows what we are down to in America. Us against them… Winner take all.

  3. This isn’t doubling down. Why not vote it today? Tomorrow? Friday? Are they in recess?

  4. The democrats do not believe in accountability for any actions that are detrimental to the country. Their lies and deceptions are so obvious a person with a single digit IQ could not deny them, but democrats will try to keep the criminal activity that has taken innocent lives from being exposed and those guilty of the crimes to go unaddressed.

  5. I’m really happy to see that they are not giving up, that they are still going after Holder.

    And for the 411: Executive Privilege: Wikipedia Excerpt – “In the United States government, executive privilege is the power claimed by the President of the United States and other members of the executive branch to resist certain subpoenas and other interventions by the legislative and judicial branches of government. The concept of executive privilege is not mentioned explicitly in the United States Constitution, but the Supreme Court of the United States ruled it to be an element of the separation of powers doctrine, and/or derived from the supremacy of executive branch in its own area of Constitutional activity.” –In other words, it is not constitutional. Nor was it made law.

  6. Holder: “We know nothing about Fast and Furious”

    Holder: “We have nothing to hide, and will co-operate 100%”

    Holder: “You can’t have 90% of the documents because we didn’t do anything”

    Obama: “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message”

  7. Never mind…found the answer, apparently it doesn’t go to the Senate. That’s good. So who’s the US attorney for DC? That’s where it goes.

      1. Ron Machen? Isn’t he one of the two attorneys Holder has assigned to look into the leaks of National security items? Leaks apparently originating from the White House to bolster Obama’s image as a tough foreign affairs guy?

          1. Besides the obvious partiality involved, think of the incredible arrogance to not even think that in our wildest, flashback induced, out of body, delirium dreams, ‘WE THE People” would actually believe that one Attorney is going to be handling these two ‘small’ ‘inconsequential’ ‘run of the mill’ ‘everyday’ “routine” cases and do them justice.

            Oh, I forgot, it’s Justice that is on trial here.

            1. What’s even more astounding is everybody says if sent to the US Attorney of DC, it naturally won’t get prosecuted. I agree with that, but still find it so very sad that we can’t prosecute criminals anymore.

              Only average Americans get prosecuted ‘to the full extent of the law’ these days.

  8. Upon Passage, I would immediately instruct the Sergent at Arms to place Mr. Holder under arrest.

    If the President wants to make a power grab with this incident, Mandated Health Care and Immigration Policies that are Unconstitutional… perhaps its time for the Executive Branch to feel some blow back.

  9. Ok so someone fill me in. If this goes to the House and is voted as contempt, does it go to the Senate? You know, we don’t have majority in the Senate (my concern).

    1. No, the House is all you need for a contempt charge. After the House votes it, it would have to go to the US Attorney of the District of Columbia for any criminal charges and they would decide whether to prosecute or not (not likely).

    2. No. It goes to a full House vote. Then, after it appears the full House will vote to reach a contempt vote, which is a misdemeanor subject to a $1000 fine and possibly a year in jail, it goes back to (get this) the United States Attorney’s office for them to decide if they will prosecute or not. Crazy huh?

      Just another diversion from the real crux of the upcoming election.

      But, the diversion underlines the corruption and criminal mindset of the Obama regime and makes a mockery of Brian Terry’s family, and the rule of law and the American peoples faith in our system of government.

  10. This video is a must watch!!!!!!! What a great way to end the day!

    “The most Arrogant Man 9n the World,” a parody.. “STAY IGNORANT MY FRIENDS!”

  11. I guess Eric Holder doesn’t believe in the saying.. you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Probably because the truth in this case WOULDN’T make HOLDER free.. just the OPPOSITE!

  12. The contempt vote itself may not yield any punishment but is there some other way to compel holder to release the doc’s like through a court order?

    1. These documents are probably as damning as those 18 minutes of Nixon tapes and will never see the light of day.

  13. I’m getting this sinking feeling that nothing will happen to Holder. He has the Liar in the White House on his side. It’s outrageous to think what would be going on in the media if this were a Repub. It would really be outrageous, outrageousness!

  14. Any House Republican who doesn’t vote FOR contempt will probably get



    I wonder if the family of Brian Terry has any legal recourse??

    Anyone know??

    Greg Gutfeld says: >>> Eric withHOLDER — Funny !

  15. The article you linked to, not one of the three options come close to what the punishment would be for a private citizen that deep in the commission of an international scandal. If Holder sees the inside of a prison cell it would be only until Obama could pardon him and Holders incarceration would be better conditions than a lot of law abiding Americans live in.

  16. Was the vote purely along party lines? It’s crazy. Just nuts.

    “Give us the documents.”
    “Oh, OK. Well, you’re a Democrat, so…we’ll let it slide this time.”

  17. Of course I can hear the headlines NOW! “The right is on a witch hunt to take down the President for re election.” The problem with that is these were guns that got into hands of drug cartels in MEXICO! And a US Border agent is dead and many more hispanics in Mexico. So I do think that this is gonna pave the way for Obama getting tossed out in November!

  18. This is Great! I don’t care that the vote is along party lines what these reprobates did was against the will of the people and illegal.

    1. I watched the entire hearing and I don’t think the democrats care anymore about Brian Terry that they do about 49 dead black people in Chicago on father’s day weekend or Trayvon Martin’s death.

      If a Democrat is getting his, sc*** everyone else. It’s like every damned Democrat crawling out of a hole thinks of himself as a rock star or a Union President. Self delusion is a symptom of liberalism along with fat and sagging foreheads.

      1. Evidently, these “protectors of society” only care about gang-bangers who were killed by white hispanics…uh….in self-defense.

  19. Too little too late?

    Firing is the LEAST that should be done. Impeachment for BO is also appropriate.

    How can any Democrat support this bum and blindly vote against Contempt? How despicable and sickening a human being do you have to be to do that? Where did honesty and conviction go? Where did their values go… or their morals? Evil resides on the left.

    1. “Evil resides on the left”. You answered the question perfectly. These people don’t think twice about butchering a baby in the womb and/or just out of the womb, how on earth could they possibly have any morals whatsoever….

    2. If it can be aptly demonstrated that Showbama has wrongly asserted EP, then, yeppers, I’d say that’s impeachable. Isn’t ‘impeachment’ the standard Dem. Presidents reach for?

    1. Ah, I see…it’s his MOA. Fast and Furious must have been a no brainer for this wretch.

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