Holder to Issa: I wasn’t aware of your subpoena

I’m starting to wonder if Holder ever reads anything that supposedly comes across his desk. In the clip below Holder is trying to argue that he willfully and voluntarily submitted information to Congress, but Issa reaffirms that he only received information from the DOJ after he had submitted a subpoena and that he has never had cooperation from the DOJ without having to threaten criminal prosecution. That’s when Holder said the following:

I was the one who made the determination that we were going to release that February 4th material, the deliberative material. It was never brought to my attention that we had the things that you just said. The decision that I made was based solely on what I thought was the right thing to do without any notion in my mind that there was coercion – I don’t mean coercion in a negative way – that there was the threat of criminal prosecution or anything like that. My determination was made only on what I thought was right given the regrettable provision of inaccurate information. Now others might have known about that. I did not and I was the one who made the call.

Issa replied:

I signed a subpoena October 12. It was to you. So the cooperation came after your office, in your name, as you as the recipient received the subpoena. I hope that you read the subpoenas that come with your name on it.

Here’s the clip:

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