HOMESCHOOL NOW: Maybe the most DISTURBING things you’ll see today. And it’s made for your KIDS.

“Get your kids out of government schools,” said the Libs of Tiktok account on Twitter this morning. And that is absolutely right. The videos and photos you’re about to see are gonna make y’all SICK to your stomach and heart. This is a sickness that is infecting America and especially schools, and it’s so insidious and fast-spreading that it became a pandemic before most parents were even aware of it.

Believe me when I tell you that this is disturbing stuff. I don’t even want to describe it. I’m just telling y’all that you need to know about it, but you’re gonna be angry to the point of fury. You’re warned.

That’s still not all. The videos are shocking.

It goes without saying that this evil is manipulation of children’s minds. They’re teaching kids that innocence of sexuality is dysphoria or queerness expressing itself. They’re telling little boys and girls who don’t spend time thinking about gender because they are KIDS that this means they do not HAVE gender.

That’s brainwashing. Plain and simple. They’re convincing them one thing is the other. THey do it because sin is always recruiting. Because sinners feel camouflaged from judgement by the sins of others. They lessen their guilt and confusion by convincing themselves that what they’re doing is good because, why just look how many people are with them! Insanity in numbers.

They lie to children because it helps them lie to themselves.

The rest, the enablers, are just soft-brained liberal idiot pushover diversity inclusion affirmation junkies who get a brief high, a rush, from attacking norms, rebelling against unseen foes like the “patriarchy” and by surrendering their sense to groupthink.

Happy Friday.


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