Honduran caravan migrant calls Trump the ANTI-CHRIST, says they’re workers and FIGHTERS

For some insane reason, CNN decided to air this video that shows a Honduran migrant screaming that Trump is the anti-Christ, and saying that they’re workers and fighters.

It comes at about the 1:35 minute mark of this video:

NOW, to be fair, there’s another migrant who speaks pretty decent English, and he is much more respectful to the president and to the United States. THEN they move on to the other guy, who is angry and screaming that they’re fighters and that Trump is the anti-Christ. Now, why the hell would we want to allow in someone who is saying stuff like that? It’s actually pretty remarkable that they know that we are such a free society that you can say things like that and still try to gain entry. But yeah, I’m glad Trump is doing what he can to stop the caravan. We simply can’t take on all the problems of the rest of the world.

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