HORRIBLE: Father tries to save his 6-yr-old son from being “chemically castrated” after mother decides he’s a transgender girl

This is a terrible story and one that shows the harm the transgender agenda can do to a little 6-yr-old boy and his family:

Here’s the short version from the website SaveJames.com:

  • James is a 6 year old boy – his mother is attempting to change his gender
  • James prefers to be a boy, but since the age of 3, his mother has chosen to dress him as a girl, and call him by the name “Luna”
  • She has enrolled him in school as a girl. He is currently in 1st grade. The teachers and administrators know that he is a boy, but the other parents and students are unaware
  • He is undergoing “social transitioning” therapy to prepare him for chemical castration at age 8
  • James’ father, Jeff is fighting to protect his son all alone
  • His mother has support and financial backing
  • Jeff needs both financial help with legal fees and help networking to find expert witnesses who will help him keep his son safe
  • The court is requiring Jeff to pay for transgender therapy and the future sexual mutilation of his son
  • Courts have enjoined Jeff from dressing James as a boy at school, from teaching him that he is a boy, and from sharing religious teachings on sexuality and gender
  • He has been accused of ABUSE for saying that his son is a boy

Here’s more:

TOWNHALL – A Texas father is fighting in court for the right to see his son after being charged with child abuse by his ex-wife “for not affirming James as transgender.”

Court documents indicate that the 6-year-old boy only dresses and identifies as a girl when he’s with his mother, who enrolled him in his first-grade class as “Luna.” But James’ father claims that when the boy is with him he consistently wears boy’s clothing, “violently refuses to wear girl’s clothes at my home,” and identifies as a boy.

The father has reportedly been legally prohibited from talking to his son about gender and sexuality from both scientific and religious perspectives, and from seeking to dress his son in boys’ clothes. Instead, he is required to offer both girls’ and boys’ clothing, although he claims that his son consistently refuses to wear dresses. And according to a report by The Federalist, the mother “is also seeking to require him to pay for the child’s visits to a transgender-affirming therapist and transgender medical alterations, which may include hormonal sterilization starting at age eight.”

James was reportedly diagnosed with gender dysphoria by a gender transition therapist that was chosen by his mother, who is a pediatrician. The therapist’s notes reveal that James chose to identify as a girl when in therapy sessions alone with his mother, but as a boy when alone in sessions with his father.

Court documents say that when the boy was with his mother and a therapist, that he picked the name ‘Luna’ when given the choice between ‘Luna’ and ‘James’. But when he was with the same therapist and his father, he chose ‘James’.

And his father says that he has witnesses that the boy prefers being a boy:

The father has also obtained eyewitness accounts from family friends and a religious leader, all of whom testified that they’ve never seen the young boy attempt to identify as a girl.

“Based on the three occasions I’ve spent time with him, I’d say he acts and looks unmistakably like a healthy six-year-old boy,” wrote Bill Lovell, senior pastor of Christ Church Carrollton. “…I am praying for James, an average six-year-old boy, a sweet-natured, intelligent, lovable and at this point particularly vulnerable young man, caught up in a titanic clash of worldviews.”

Family friend Sarah Scott, whose sons regularly play with James and his fraternal twin brother and who reportedly wants to be sensitive to James’ wishes when it comes to gender, also offered her perspective.

“His mother came to pick up the boys to take them to [his brother’s] soccer game,” remembered Scott. “[He] hugged his dad and said, ‘Love you.’ He refused to go to the soccer game as a girl with mom and stayed with dad. That evening they came to our house.”

The idea that a 6-year-old would be forced to grapple with such issues is the height of irresponsibility. I don’t even think a teenager could make such a sane deduction like this, given that most of us are still getting to know who we are well into our twenties. For some it takes even longer. To think that a child would have to not only deal with this issue, but be faced with undergoing chemical changes to his body is nothing short of child abuse. The fact that a court sided with the mother on this issue just shows how wrecked our courts have become.

If you want to read even more on this story, check out the Federalist where this was originally published.

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