Horrible: FIFTH NYPD police officer commits SUICIDE in two months.

We were hoping that this suicide spree had ended, but unfortunately a fifth NYPD cop has ended his life in the last two months:

A fifth NYPD officer has died by suicide in the last two months, escalating a recent crisis that has caused all levels of police leadership to speak out on the need for cops to look after their mental health and that of their colleagues.

The officer died Saturday afternoon on Staten Island, officials confirmed. The Sergeants Benevolent Association tweeted that the late officer was a sergeant, but beyond that details were not immediately available.

Just horrible. Here’s the list of NYPD suicides in the last two months:

This most recent officer’s death follows the June 5 suicide of Deputy Chief Steven Silks, the June 6 death of Det. Joseph Calabrese, the June 14 death of 29-year-old Officer Michael Caddy at the 121st Precinct in Staten Island and the June 27 death of Officer Kevin Preiss at his Long Island home.

Last month, after the deaths of Silks and Calabrese a day apart, NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill spoke exclusively with News 4 about the need for cops to seek help if they find themselves contemplating taking their own lives.

Let’s hope that’s the last one. I’m sure it doesn’t help that cops feel like De Blasio is more on the side of the Black Lives Matter cop-haters than on their side….

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51 thoughts on “Horrible: FIFTH NYPD police officer commits SUICIDE in two months.

  1. Would these deaths have anything to do with what was found on the Weiner/Abedin laptop? I mean this makes nine out of twelve of the police officers that saw what was on the laptop that are now dead. Coincidence? Hm.

  2. Look what those guys are going through. The story here the other day of them getting doused with water and apparently weren’t allowed to defend themselves or make arrests. They’re sitting ducks. I can’t imagine the feeling of defenseless they have. Their nerves must be frayed at the ends.

    1. Those officers who are this depressed need to file for disability and seek the right counseling. How heartbreaking this is.

      The NY PBA needs to have a sit down with DeBlasio and Cuomo and remind them that the men in blue are the only thing keeping NY from full-blown anarchy. Guiliani handed Bloomberg a very safe city and that little twerp and the commie DeBlasio have squandered that legacy. If Cuomo really cared about New Yorkers, he would remove DeBlasio immediately.

    2. I just never understood why they took that kind of abuse. Was there some reason given that I missed. I meant to go back and read the article but have been very busy.

    3. I just read today that those that doused the cops with water were all released, two without posting bail.

    4. I’m really convinced the Leftists want this to happen. It’s psychological warfare. They’ve crafted a culture whereby their “enemies” are increasingly likely to commit suicide. New York is a more pronounced microcosm of what they’ve been doing to the whole country. Suicides have been up among those groups the Left hates.

  3. Suicide is an act of violence against God – directed by Satan himself. It is a horrible, sad, and extremely selfish act.

    1. Being very personally familiar with suicide, I cannot agree with you. Actually, I detest the terms “suicide bomber or suicide terrorist”. Yes, they take their lives for a cause and to take as many innocent lives with them as they can, but I don’t think of them in the traditional term of suicide I grew up with. I don’t even consider one, such as a soldier, giving his or her life to save the lives of others suicide. I consider it a sacrifice for the greater good from the heart of a selfless soul.. Most that commit suicide have serious mental health issues and feelings of hopelessness they can’t get put from under. God forgives their sin. Why can’t you?

    1. They don’t work for DeBlasio. They were there when he got there, and will be there when he leaves. They work for the Department, which in turn works for the City of New York. Your comment is on exactly the same level as wondering how a sailor or a marine could have “worked for” Clinton or Obama, or how a self-respecting Army general can “work for” Trump.

  4. The President should make a visit and speak to their ranks. I bet they’d love hearing from him.

    The men and women of NYPD need all good Americans to speak up in support of them.

    1. No, the men and women of the NYPD definitely do NOT need grandstanding Donald Trump to visit and to speak to them. Even when cops like and respect a President (and who can respect this dishonest atrocity?), a POTUS visit is a pain in the butt for the NYPD. The last thing in the world anyone needs is to tie up the city and make a lot of extra work for hundreds of cops who could be doing more useful things for no other reason than to allow self-absorbed DJT to come and use a small group (because there are 31,000 cops in the NYPD; do you really think he will talk to everyone at once?) as background decoration for a photo op that he would use his own purposes. Being reminded that Trump is still president will not make any depressed NYC cop less depressed, but is instead likely to push him in the opposite direction.

  5. I put this suicide streak right square in the lap of DeCommio. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to lay your life on the line every day knowing that if you do something to defend yourself, the mayor definitely will not have your back. That has got to be extremely stressful. Everyone likes to be appreciated in their job, not despised.

    1. Also, attorneys from all over America are just waiting to sue these men and women civilly at any perceived mistake. The liability they take on is tremendous.

    1. No, we don’t. Ed Koch cared about cops, and so did Bloomberg — but Rudy was all about Rudy, and he treated any cop who didn’t fawn over him like dirt.

  6. I wonder how many of these Officers were exposed to the contents of Anthony Weiner’s Laptop.

    1. Yeah, let’s all use dead cops as a prop for making cheap political jokes about them there Democrats — because this wonderful us-versus-terrible them stuff is all that matters, 24/7, right?

  7. I wonder how many are committing suicide because of an ongoing Internal Affairs Investigation

    1. It could be the politics in the city but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. It could be what you mention or something entirely unforseen or merely a coincidence.

    2. None, and you need to stop thinking that television cop shows are a reflection of reality. They are committing suicide for the same reason that cops usually commit suicide: marital/relationship problems, serious physical illness, despondency about the end of a career that has been their identity for decades (because in the NYPD you are thrown out at age 62, whether you want to go or not), financial problems, and above all long-term depression that you don’t want to tell anyone about because when your department takes the measures they believe necessary to keep you from harming yourself (and to keep from being sued by your family…), you believe you will lose the respect of your colleagues and your career will effectively be over.

    3. bigsir, can you please link me to some information about what appears the latest Internal Affairs investigation? From what I remember the NYPD has had Internal Investigations going on for decades. No kidding it has to be the most internal investigated police force in the country. I know the DOJ just exonerated the police officers involved in the Eric Garner case, and it seems to me that has caused some big turmoil. I wonder if the actual police officers come from both sides of the aisle. Are some Commie DeBlasio supporters, while the other side may not support him?

    4. That was my thought as well.. Maybe I’ve watched too many TV shows, but it did cross my mind their could be some corruption here, sad to think of, but it happens..

  8. Just look at what DeCommio has done to degrade how cops are viewed and I imagine this doesn’t help. They are getting buckets of water dumped on them now. How low do you have to go to create an environment where you let citizens think cops are the enemy and deserve such treatment? They have hard enough jobs as it is. They should all walk off the line and let everyone see what happens.

    1. No, they should not, and they will not. Fortunately, the members of the NYPD are for the most part responsible and dedicated adult professionals, and not whiny infants who think malicious temper tantrums or harming innocent bystanders are appropriate courses of action.

  9. Here is one,maybe some are upset that their benefits from the 911 disaster has ended and all will not be sharing in the new budget deal that allowed for another 7B dollars to some of the beneficiaries.Just a thought

    1. A thought based on nothing. In order to benefit from the 9/11 fund, one has to have been a responder on 9/11/2001, or the immediate aftermath — and that includes only those persons who were cops on patrol on that day, or in the following months. Steve Silks and Joe Calabrese were members of the NYPD in 2001, but none of the others were — and Silks and Calabrese had troubles unrelated to the 9/11 responders fund.

    1. Of course they do. So what? You think the circumstances, pressures, and problems of someone’s life don’t change in 5, 10, 20, or 35 years???

  10. I don’t understand this at all. I think living in NYC must drive people insane.

  11. When you put your life on the line for fellow brothers and sisters to protect them against harm and you feel your community hates you, you lose hope. If your only dream for your entire life, was to be an officer and you feel you have no other career options, you lose hope. I wish people would understand these basic needs. Officers have an internal need to help, among other traits.

    Obama (Holder, Lynch too) really harmed this country with his anti-cop attitudes. It will be years before this attitude is turned around. That is dangerous for this country and equally disastrous.

  12. Suicide is just the saddest thing. How utterly hopeless a person must feel to take his/her own life. Heartbreaking.

  13. Must have known something about the Clintons? Something about all these “suicides” smells funny. Still, when the left promotes hatred and disrespect for our law enforcement, people fall. We should be lifting up and praising those who protect us.

    1. I was not aware of that. If so, it could be a “suspicious suicide”. So sorry for the family and his fellow officers.

  14. So sad! These guys put their lived on the line every single day and then their leaders throw them under the bus every time! Mostly for doing their job! Praying for the family and friends of all these heroes!

  15. Powerful pedophiles want the proof buried. This is Good versus evil and Good will win.

  16. Did he drown from thugs dumping water on him? When you think your doing a good thing by protecting the public with your own life and get humiliated like that, one can understand why cops get disillusioned and depressed. God rest his soul.

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