HORRIBLE: Illegal gang member protected by California’s sanctuary laws viciously STABS woman to death in her home

An illegal immigrant gang member who was protected by California’s sanctuary laws just viciously stabbed and killed a woman in her San Jose home.

The illegal, who had previously been deported, had six ICE detainer requests put on him after he was arrested over the years but they were all ignored because of California’s sanctuary laws

Here’s a great video report by Jonathan Hunt:

Here’s more:

FOX NEWS – Police in California have arrested an illegal immigrant with known gang ties and an extensive criminal history in the February killing of a San Jose woman.

Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza, 24, was arrested Monday night in connection with the murder of 59-year-old Bambi Larson; police say he stalked her before stabbing her to death.

Larson, a systems manager in San Jose, did not show up for work on Feb. 28. That seemed unusual to co-workers, who phoned her son to alert him.

Larson’s son and a co-worker went to her home in the 900 block of Knollfield Way around 1:45 p.m. and discovered her body in the bedroom, San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia said.

Police arrived and found Larson suffering from multiple stab wounds consistent with a cutting tool, multiple lacerations to her body and blunt force trauma. They also recovered a bloodied towel and footprints from the scene near a sliding door.

Garcia said that police searched hours of video surveillance from the neighborhood and were able to find a suspect.

“The home security cameras showed an unidentified male wearing a backpack, pants and a long-sleeve sweater or shirt as he approached and later left the victim’s residence.”

Poor video quality prevented police from making a positive ID but they were able to trace the suspect’s path and eventually found a T-shirt containing DNA from the victim and the suspect.

Using this DNA, they eventually caught the suspect after he was arrested for drug possession.

Not only is the suspect here illegally, but he was deported back in 2013. And he’s a self-admitted gang member with long rap sheet:

“The suspect, Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza , stalked this San Jose neighborhood and his victim. He is a San Jose transient … and is a self-admitant gang member.”

Garcia declined to name the gang but listed the extensive criminal history of Carranza, who had six separate detainer requests against him via Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

According to Garcia, the suspect was detained by the Department of Homeland Security at the border in Texas and deported in 2013.

Two years later he was arrested and accused of possession of paraphernalia and convicted of burglary in San Jose. In 2016 he was arrested on charges of battery of an officer, resisting arrest and entering and occupying a property. That same year, in October, Carranza was arrested in Los Angeles on battery charges.

His final arrest before the murder of Larson was in January, on charges of possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia.

Despite having six detainers placed on him by ICE, Carranza was never deported.

In the video, Fox News reports that the San Jose Police Chief says that those ICE detainers were never honored because of the sanctuary laws in California.

How many more will have to die before California ends these horrendous sanctuary laws???

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109 thoughts on “HORRIBLE: Illegal gang member protected by California’s sanctuary laws viciously STABS woman to death in her home

  1. The California politicians and law makers should be arrested and convicted for their direct involvement in the crimes committed by these illegal criminals.

    The proposed Kate Steinle law should have Bambi Larson’s name added to it.

  2. Every stinking elected official that supports sanctuary cities and allowing illegals to trample our laws needs to be ousted. People don’t seem to think it’s a big deal until it directly affects their family. Learning curve?

    1. This is happening in every sanctuary state. I know, I live in one. I was hit by an illegal on my way to work one early morning, they ran a red light. No ticket. 😡 (and I got to pay the insurance company)

      1. My dad was rear ended by two illegals and the driver was intoxicated. The van they were driving had no insurance.

  3. Until the illegals are physically stopped at our borders and turned back these headlines will increase and Then What !

  4. Exactly. To use one of the libs favorite lines. “This isn’t who we are as a people”. We, as a people, allow our citizens to be murdered by illegal gang-bangers. THAT’S who WE are.


    Aside from the POS illegal alien murderer who must be fed into a wood chipper feet first is this police cheif who allowed antiFa to beat Trump supporters in San Jose.

    On the one hand he uses the excuse that he cannot turn over the POS murderer due to regulations and on the other he allows the beatings of citizens.

    Are you seeing the pattern here.

    IMO, every official of Santuary cities, counties and states should be arrested and tried as accomplices to the murders of our citizens by the illegal alien Invaders that they welcome with open arms and protect them which is against our laws!!!!!

  6. If nothing else, this is minimally working on diminshing the headcount totals for California: if this keeps up, maybe the state’ll turn red.

    1. It’s turning blood red!! We don’t need to diminish law abiding citizens!! We need these illegals gone NOW!

  7. it’s not a matter of if…but when

    one day people are going to have enough of this and the blood is going to flow in our streets

  8. Didn’t even read it, I figured she probably had a MAGA hat on , so she most likely deserved it for provoking him (Sarc)

  9. This is so horrific. I”‘m convinced none of this will stop until it happens to some prominent person’s family member. People think it can’t happen to them, until it does.

  10. With Obamacare and gun control it was “if we can save just one life… it’s worth giving up your rights”.

    Now its… well the immigrants have rights too!

  11. The California governor should hang for this crime. Then each subsequent crime by an illegal, another California elected official should serve a prison term or be executed depending on the crime. The illegal criminals will continue until those responsible for allowing it are punished severely.

  12. Things are getting crazy for the Left. They set the example that they don’t have to follow the rules and now sheriffs in their states are starting to disobey them and now police associations are starting to call them out? Can you say “Anarchy”?

  13. So why is it when you or I break a Federal law, we’re arrested and go to jail, but when state politicians do it all that happens is the Federal Govt says “please don’t do that”? This is beyond pathetic.

    1. @paladin It really is pathetic, the government can do what ever they want and not be held accountable unless their a republican.

    2. Don’t forget the courts who are complicated in violating our existing immigration laws as well.

  14. I wonder if the vic or her survivors were supporters of the SC policies.

    Think this’ll change their mind? Folks always have to learn the hard way with stuff like this.

  15. Thanks democrats, another person dead, another family member with a broken heart. Are votes really worth that much?

  16. Way to go Dems – protect scum gang member illegal and allow him the freedom to kill an innocent woman sitting home with her pets.

    If your government isn’t concerned with protecting you – what good is it?

  17. The Drudge Report needs to be taken off the “Places of interest” on this site, they have become just about as biased as Yahoo is when it comes to the links it gives.

  18. Any misguided CA politician who voted for the so called sanctuary law that allowed this maggot to remain here should be charged as an accessory to murder. Where was this woman’s “sanctuary”?

    1. Misguided? I don’t think so. They knew exactly what they voted for – votes from Hispanics.

  19. The federal government needs to charge the Governor with aiding and abetting known criminals and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.
    Relatives of those killed or injured by known felon illegals that have been released back onto the streets by the Governors sanctuary laws, should be able to sue them into oblivion,

    1. The family of Bambi Larson needs a good lawyer to go after the state of California like the Sandman family is going after those responsible for making his life a misery.

      In the poor ladies case the mistakes and politics of California made an end to her life. If you can’t put these horrible people behind bars at least make them pay through the pocketbook.

      1. No amount of money can fix this.

        All officials of Santuary cities, counties and states must be fed into a wood chipper feet first!!!!

        1. No amount of money can “fix” it. But taking large amounts of money from miscreants can make them miserable. I’ll take what I can get.

          I don’t use hyperbole about violence to anyone.

  20. “The Machine politicians’ have shown their colors…I feel sorry for the country however as it shows the power of partisan politicians who think of nothing higher than their own interests, and I feel for your future. We cannot stand so corrupt a government for any great length of time.” Theodore Roosevelt Sr. (not the president to his son who became president)

  21. This poor woman’s relatives MUST sue the state of California over this! It is the only way things will change in places like the Golden (sarc) State.

    1. I hope they do! Something has got to be done to stop this. Everyone should bombard their representative and senator and complain

  22. It’s so nice that the brave people of California rely on their own ability to defend themselves.

    I’m sure the people will do the right thing to protect their families and buy guns, just like most safe communities have done.

  23. Gavin Newsome is now taking 750 murders off death row! Just on the news. I am very sure that a million other people are making plans this year to leave this hellhole. Unfortunately, more criminals and illegal aliens will be moving in to prey on those who cannot move yet! Get out people! The sane and smart Californians are like the frog in the warm water.

    1. Just please all departing Californians don’t move to a new state and vote for the same policies that put California in the crapper. We in the Red states don’t need you to bring your problems with you. You are welcome. The liberal problems you’re escaping aren’t.

      1. @paladin

        The people fleeing that I know, (myself included) the state are hard core Reagan Conservatives.

  24. We hear these stories like this every day. I am so outta this state in the next three months. Already have everything set in motion for leaving. Been here since it was Reagan Country, and wonderful. It is such a cesspool now. The sad thing is I have friends that just don’t see how bad it is here.

      1. @proud-nana
        Thanks sweetie! I am so beyond excited about finally getting my keister in gear and getting out!
        Going to CoeurD’Alene, Idaho. Beautiful country! Will be saving about $8k a year there in living expenses as well – can’t beat that!

    1. @democratsrfubar it’s a disgrace that in your state and others hardworking people are left with no choice but to leave. Our country is in a sad state and getting worse daily.

      1. @willtapp

        I am luckier than most, no elders to care for, a widow with a great pension and medical. I sold my house and am now foot loose and fancy free in my doddering years. I don’t know why in the heck I waited so long, but one tends to get comfortable with what one knows and is familiar with. If I don’t do it now, in 25 years when it’s time to kick, I will be kicking myself for not moving. Tempus Fugit! I feel for the folks who have to stay for job, children in school, elderly relatives, etc.

        1. @democratsrfubar I am so happy for you and wish you all the best in your future home. I feel sorry that anybody should be forced out of their homes/states and it’s happening far to often.

  25. Until this happens to one of “their” own with a recognizable face, the idiotic sanctuary laws will remain in place.

    1. Even then they will say that it was a worthy sacrifice. Libs/Progs are always willing to eat their own for the cause, because the cause is more important than people. Look at socialism in the 20th century. How many tens of millions of deaths occurred because of it, yet the call for socialism in the US is growing.

  26. This is what you voted for you moronic liberals! I hope none of the victims are people that voted against this nonsense (by voting against the idiots that wanted to do it).

    1. I feel for the victims’ families, but until this stuff hits those who vote for it, nothing will change.

  27. Just tried to post this story on FB and it won’t allow it.
    I’m shocked, shocked I tell ya!……………said no one ever.

  28. I have tried posting this to FB but it won’t post. Has anyone else tried posting it there and failed or is it just my system acting up?

    1. Actually, FB doesn’t appear to be accepting any posts at this time. My daughter and I can’t post anything. At first I thought it was the subject matter but now I realize their system is having problems.

      1. Yes, it just went down…I was trying to save a cute (kitty, of course) video, but it locked up.

  29. Stop sending ALL federal funds to California until they obey the law.

    Suspend and investigate whoever is responsible for sanctuary city practices.

    Ensure the POTUS uses this example (and the many others) when pushing for immigration reform.

    Fly this POS way out over the ocean and push him out of the plane from 20,00 ft.

    Pray for comfort and peace for the family of the victim.

    1. Congress is going to have to confront the courts as well as they are making it near impossible to block or deport anybody and giving illegals rights that don’t exist in our constitution. I’m sorry to say I doubt congress will do anything about this or the border as I saw yesterday Joni Ernst and Mike Lee have put together a new bill for mandatory paid family leave so that will get the attention now.

        1. Doc, not sure what’s happened to Lee lately. They are claiming that the legislation won’t raise the debt because it will allow the person to take an advance on their SS as if Lee does not know SS is not in individual savings accounts just waiting for all of us. The other issue is why is the federal involved in this at all because what are the employers to do while the worker takes this “family break”. Also who in their right mind thinks these people who use their SS In advance won’t get money some way when they get to retirement. It will just be a new bigger entitlement added to the failing/broke ones and I’m disgusted that the GOP is pushing it.

          1. Entitlement was my first thought, also. I’m still a bit dumbfounded, last time I checked, Lee still had the most conservative voting record.

            1. Doc, Lee is claiming it’s not because it’s just the person getting their SS paid early, but he knows there is no “lockbox” or money. I think he comes at it from the angle he wants to encourage more stable families as he believes this will help the country overall. Still he has to know as a originalist, the federal government has no role here.

              1. @willtapp Yes, he was on Shapiro’s show yesterday and he explained it. I’m not sure how it won’t be a strain on the system, especially since it’s broke anyway. It sounds like something that would be ripe for abuse from illegals and welfare deadbeats. As for him being an originalist, where does the constitution provide for SSI?

                1. Doc you hit the nail on the head when you say “broke” and for him to try to claim it’s your “own” money just paid out early is quite frankly insulting to my intelligence. As for the constitutional nature of SS, sadly that ship has sailed. What did Shapiro say in response. We need conservatives to push back hard if we are to stop this massive new program which will harm the private sector and open doors for more government control over how private companies are run and ripe for fraud like you mentioned.

                2. I don’t recall much of it now, I’ll have to see if he covered it in his podcast. Only the first hour is free anymore.

  30. How sad and disgusting.

    Soo easily was this tragedy avoidable but for the actions of the radical liberals and their ignorant ideology.

  31. San Jose is fairly liberal; at some point, Californians are going to have to take the law into their own hands because their state government fails to protect them. Liberals will roll over and die but everyone else needs to do whatever is necessary to protect their own…this takes “neighborhood watch” to a new level….very sad that it is necessary.

          1. @SJMom

            CoureD’Alene, Idaho! Beautiful country! Red state!!!!! Good hospitals, etc.! And I can save about $8k a year in living expenses compared to this crappiola welfare state! Doing Happy Dog Dance!!! 😀 :envy: :thumbsup: :praying:

      1. I am part of the sane California group. We would love to leave but, because we have been raised here, the thought of bone chilling cold or egg frying heat keeps us here. All I can hope is that it will get bad enough that the people will finally throw out the dems in order to try something different. But I am not holding my breath!

          1. Texas Chris: But you are oh so wrong! We have smog, we have traffic congestion, we have a bountiful amount of illegals, we have a very big welfare state, stupid democrat politicians, big brother breathing down our necks, high taxes, water rationing…..do I need to name any more? 😛

        1. @prolifer .

          I feel your pain. Been here since childhood off and on, (Dad was 30 years military). Sorry to say – It will never change.
          If you remember California as the Golden State that was as conservative as the day was long, and all we had was a few funny hippies that were weird, and see the slow steady decline into the toilet bowl it is now. Unless you have a great deal of time left in this planet to wait it out, I cannot see Commiefornia rising out of the ashes ever again.

          1. DemocratsRFubar: I will be 70 in two months. I won’t see a turn back to conservatism and I doubt my children will either. While we miss what it once was, we are able to live in our little world without too much interference from the government. We moved away twice – five years in VA and five years in CO – but CA is our home and each time we weren’t happy until we got back. I am happy for all the conservatives that manage to move out and appreciate that there are still some staying here. We will fight the good fight and leave the rest in God’s hands.

      2. As long as they do not come here to TX and try to change us into another Californication, I am ok with that. For the first year we were here (from CA), Texans looked at us skeptically, but now that they realize we were conservatives living in Hell and so grateful to be here, we are all good, like-minded friends. And I would like to point out that the Hispanic people in our area are among the most openly anti-illegal immigration voices I know. The same was true of Hispanics who lived in Cali, only government cares nothing about the legal citizens of that state.

        1. Contrary to popular belief, it’s primarily the conservative voters leaving liberal areas and coming to Texas. I’m ashamed to admit I was totally wrong about the carpetbaggers, while Rick Perry was right.

          1. I was born/raised in Cali when it was an Independent thinking place and we did not permit government to be in our faces, so the depths to which the place has sunk over the last 35 years is depressing. When we moved here, it was like living in Cali in the 1950’s-70’s before it went to Hell in the early 1980’s. Also, as with the Civil War, it is the yankee carpetbaggers from up north we have to deter from moving here…it is one thing to have “winter Texans,” who leave in another month, and quite another for them to move here. They need to take their Commie ideas back home to wherever it was they started. 😳

  32. The CA Legislature, including the RINOs in there, should be arrested for aiding and abetting illegal aliens. This death could have been prevented. I wonder if CNN’s Fake Tapper will cover this story.

  33. “How many more will have to die before California ends these horrendous sanctuary laws???”
    The only thing I have to add to this, @therightscoop is: When are the enablers, those in power who have caused these “Sanctuary” laws, going to pay for the damage they have done? Where is the “Sanctuary” for the victims and their families, and the rest of us law abiding citizens who are at the (non) mercy of these policies?

    1. If you are referring to the California government, nobody in that cesspool will be made responsible (laws there do not permit citizens to hold them responsible for damages). It becomes the responsibility for Californians to change their government. Unfortunately for those left behind, most conservatives (including me) escaped that hell-hole years ago and have never looked back, as history shows that looking back never turns out well.

      1. @kenoshamarge I don’t see a down vote. I do wish there was a way to unvote up or down when done by accident .

        1. Usually you can cancel and up vote by just pressing the down vote after – they cancel each other out. But when I tried it didn’t appear to work. Guess it did and I apologized when all was fixed.

          WordPress does like to mess with ya.

  34. Too bad that he didn’t break into my house, I’d have saved the state the expense of a trial and imprisonment.

      1. Actually, not too long ago an illegal killed Mollie Tibbetts here. It’s not quite as common, but we have quite a few, especially working in the slaughterhouses.

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