HORRIBLE: Law abiding New Zealanders turn in their GUNS six months after ChristChurch massacre

France 24 has video of New Zealanders turning in their guns six months after the ChristChurch massacre. It’s cued up to 1:11:

The new gun control law in New Zealand, passed earlier this year, banned nearly all semi-automatic rifles:

Many of these are hunting rifles, holding only a few rounds. Yet they are still banned!

People in New Zealand have until December to turn in their now-illegal guns. Otherwise they will be subject to imprisonment if they are caught with any of these prohibited weapons.

Democrats must be so jealous of New Zealand, because this is exactly what they want to happen here. We’ve heard Beto say as much, even though he’s only targeting AR-15s and AK-47s with his fascist rhetoric. It starts with ARs and ends like it does in New Zealand with nearly all semi-automatic rifles – at least for law-abiding citizens. Those are the only ones turning in their guns. All the criminals will still enjoy their unlawful weapons and will continue to commit crimes with them.


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26 thoughts on “HORRIBLE: Law abiding New Zealanders turn in their GUNS six months after ChristChurch massacre

  1. SO how the hell are they going to defend their families now???????????????????????? with a knife perhaps???? what the hell is wrong with this situation……brings to mind what little Hitler did
    wake up America they are lying to you…………..you are being told they will protect you don’t you get their agenda yet????????????

  2. New Zealanders have no spine anyway. They are on offshoot of a country that’s an offshoot of another Country. Kind of like Mexico but instead of a Country full of inbreeds, an island full of inbreeds.

    1. While your assertion holds merit regarding their spine, not sure about the rest of it.

      The USA is an offshoot if another country, and Texas was an offshoot of an offshoot which became its own which then was absorbed by an offshoot.

      I certainly wouldn’t call Texas “spineless”

  3. America was founded as a Republic. Democracy has slowly been eroding the rights of the individual as our rights are taken away by the ignorant unwashed masses. The Rights of the few are not to be surrendered to the demands of the many! “Shall not be infringed” MEANS “shall NOT be infringed”.

    America get your guns and hold them near!

  4. Maybe things are upside-down on that side of the world. When people start attacking you, you drop your means of defending yourself.

  5. Yup, the ultimate lefty progressive wet dream. With many voting Americans in a coma, a corrupt media, it may well happen.

    1. We used to have a 10th amendment too…and then in Wickard v. Filburn (1942) the amendment was nullified by 9 men in black robes beholden to a socialist president.

      The amendment is just words on a piece of paper unless people are willing to back it up with force.

      BTW, a gun confiscation would also violate the 4th and 5th amendments too…the tyrannical majority does not care.

  6. If Joe Manchin (D) and Pat Toomey (R), along with many others from both parties in the DC aristocracy, have their way, they will get gun registration this year under the guise of “background checks.”

    Once they get registration, only a few years will pass before we move to confiscation and we see nearly identical pics of American citizens turning their firearms over to the government.

  7. You do realize that this what led to Hitler and all the other dictators who have absolutely NO reason except to have complete rule over your life? Even to killing you!

  8. Its already began in Atlanta Ga. Two Voting Machines have been stolen and some record books that acts as a register of voters along with the Machines are missing.They suspect an inside job.

  9. Unfortunately we can only just sit back and watch their gun murder rates (as well as murder rates from other sources, i.e., baseball bats, various forms of cutlery, scissors, frying pans, rolling pins, etc.) go up and not down. This is not about guns or any other form of potential weaponry but about people refusing to be responsible for their actions. London is dealing with this right now. Sadly, outside the perpetrators, for every nitwit pol who implements this type of legislation the blood of every innocent who dies because of it will be on their heads and no one else’s.

  10. I am sure all of the criminals and psychos were at the front of the line turning in their guns……….

  11. Speaking of Guns,I was gone yesterday.Was there any discussions on those 3 masked men in Georgia who shot at the Owner of a house they were about to burglarize then kill the Occupants.

  12. I didn’t see any criminals bringing their guns in. No, they were watching at home cheering. Congratulations, New Zealand, you’ve just made your country a bigger target to the world. How are you going to protect yourselves in the next war or from an increasingly tyrannical government? My response to this law would be to stand and fight to the end, but it looks like if I lived in New Zealand I’d be pretty much on my own among my fellow countrymen. Hopefully, it would be a lot different reaction here.

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