HORRIBLE: Texas doctor caught on audio telling wife of disabled black man with COVID-19 he is not worth saving [AUDIO]

On June 26 this audio was uploaded to Youtube by Texas Right to Life. It reveals a conversation between a Texas doctor and the wife of Michael Hickson, a quadriplegic black man with COVID-19. The doctor explained that Hickson’s life wasn’t worth trying to save because of his medical condition, arguing that he would have no quality of life. Despite the protests of the wife, the doctor said this was the decision of doctors and the state:

Michael Hickson, a 46-year-old COVID-19 patient, was starved and left without adequate treatment for his illnesses at St. David’s South Austin Medical Center. In a recorded conversation, the St. David’s doctor told Melissa Hickson her husband would not receive treatment because of his disability, despite her wishes.

Below is the audio:

This is absolutely horrible. These doctors are playing god in the name of the state and killing this man because they deem him not worth saving. This is the death panel that Sarah Palin warned us about with Obamacare.

If you listened to the audio, you heard it getting rather tense near the end. Melissa Hudson was trying to convince the doctor that his decision was wrong and asked the doctor if he’d do the same if his wife were in the same predicament. Of course he said he absolutely would, but Hudson knew better and said “that’s a lie.” And I think she’s absolutely right.

It’s just like with pregnancies where the doctors find out the unborn baby might have some kind of disease. They quickly, and in some cases, strongly advise abortion. They’d probably force abortion if they could, but they don’t have the right to do that yet.

In this case they did force this man’s death and they excused it suggesting that we all have to die at some point, as if it were their decision to decide when that point happens.

Also, what’s the difference between this and the cop who killed George Floyd? This doctor is essentially putting his knee on the neck of Michael Hickson and not allowing him to be treated because of his biases. It’s the same thing, yet this gets zero coverage in the media and there will be no Black Lives Matter protests in the streets over Michael Hudson.

Steven Spohn, a disabled man himself, posted this story on Twitter a couple of days ago. He writes that this is one of his greatest fears, that a doctor will decide at some point that he’s not worth saving because of his disabilities:

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