Hospital told nurses: assist with abortions or lose your job

 So many legal violations here, they’re hard to count. This one pretty much speaks for itself. Lifenews reports:

“Pro-life nurses shouldn’t be forced to assist in abortions against their beliefs,” Bowman told LifeNews. “No less than 12 nurses have encountered threats to their jobs at this hospital ever since a policy change required them to participate in the abortions regardless of their religious objections. That is flatly illegal.”

According to a copy of the complaint ADF sent LifeNews, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey was “demanding that the Nurses must assist abortions in violation of their religious objections or they will be terminated. Defendants have illegally coerced some of the Nurses to train to assist abortions already, and Defendants are presently scheduling the others to do so.”

“UMDNJ’s coercion of the Nurses is a blatant violation of federal and state law, which explicitly prohibit UMDNJ from penalizing employees including Plaintiffs because they object to assisting abortions,” the complaint says.

The nurses are asking the federal court to declare their rights under law and enjoin UMDNJ from continuing to mandate that they or similarly situated employees assist in abortions. Because UMDNJ’s federal tax funding is also conditioned on UMDNJ not discriminating against employees’ civil rights when they object to assisting abortions, the nurses also seek an order requiring UMDNJ to disgorge the nearly $60 million in federal health funding that it received in 2011. They also want an order requiring that UMDNJ be disqualified from receiving additional federal health funding unless and until it demonstrates compliance by ceasing its illegal coercion to assist abortions. Plaintiffs also seek statutorily authorized attorneys fees and costs, and other relief deemed appropriate by the Court.

A spokesman for the hospital told Fox News that it was not yet aware of the lawsuit and, thus, had no comment.

Bowman told the news outlet that the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey had been doing abortions for decades without forcing nurses to assist, until recent weeks.

“The hospital passed a policy and put one of the nurses who did abortions in a supervisory position and started forcing nurses to assist in abortions out of the blue,” Bowman said. “It’s in complete violation of federal and state law – that says you can’t force people to assist abortions.”

Bowman told Fox News the hospital agreed to meet with the nurses but, when the nurses showed up to the meeting with legal counsel, the meeting was canceled.

“The hospital told the nurses they have no regard for their religious beliefs,” he said. “They were going to be assigned to these abortions or they would be terminated.”

A dozen nurses have filed a lawsuit against their employer, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, which told them they had to either assist in abortions or risk losing their jobs.

The Alliance Defense Fund filed a lawsuit on behalf of 12 nurses in New Jersey who work for a hospital receiving federal health funds who were told they needed to assist abortions or be terminated from their employment. The mandate violates several federal conscience laws and state law, ADF senior legal counsel Matt Bowman tells LifeNews.


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26 thoughts on “Hospital told nurses: assist with abortions or lose your job

  1. I wonder if a Muslim nurse wouldn’t assist in an abortion because of their religious beliefs would be fired? Everywhere you look Christians are sitting ducks for the ever rising evil that is taking over our country.

  2. It’s a great nightmare for nurses. I think in this freedom decade nurses are losing there personal autonomy. Nurses should ask for help to court. Thanks

  3. I wonder what would happen to the hospital if all the nurses who were against abortion just quit and went and worked at another hospital? I’d like to see a mass walkout on that.

    Better yet where is the nurses union on this one?? I know they are at Occupy where ever but supporting their ranks on issues they are facing??

  4. This is not the first case of this happening I have heard of under obamao’s regime.
    I wont claim it didnt happen before, however I do know this is what obamao’s vision is for the medical field under obamacare.
    When he voted against the Born Alive Protection Bill he had his wife write his opinion on the matter, stating that it was a woman’s constitutional right to have an abortion and that to save the baby who had been aborted would be infringing on her constitutional rights.
    IF obamacare is not repealed, get ready to watch about 60% of your hospitals and healthcare professionals disappear.

    1. Odd, I don’t seem to recall ever seeing the word “abortion” anywhere in the Constitution. She must have gotten her Law Degree out of a box of Cracker Jacks.

    2. One of our residents said that crap the other day. I made fun of her for awhile, and got two other residents to join in. I asked her to let me hold the newborns while on our rotation, because she didn’t seem to think of them as people, and might intentionally drop them. She told me to go f$%K myself. Then, our preceptor told me that I was an a-hole. But, he bought me lunch afterwards. So, overall, I came out on top.

  5. This is one case that has come to light. How many other medical institutions are doing the same things?

    Its often difficult for medical professionals to come out and complain about these things, especially understanding where these type of orders emenate from.

  6. I’ve never been one to be a lover of lawsuits, but in this case, I say sue for as much as it would take to close this hospital down. Sue for as much as it takes to ensure that none of the evil people who force such disgusting and evil practices on those who entered their chosen profession to SAVE lives, not murder them.

  7. Wake up people. These orders are coming straight from the top. Yes, the evil “O” is calling the shots.

    1. Hussein is a pawn in the game. This was all set and waiting for him to take over the control of our government. It is a common pattern of socialism and Marxisim. Education, Healthcare, Energy. It has been brewing for a very long time.

      1. Yes, he is a pawn of satan. I agree that this has been in the works for years but barry is now in charge of the “evil deeds” resonating like thunder across America.

  8. Flat out wrong. Our job in the medical field is to protect lives, not to take them, by direct orders. There is no medical benefit to the mother in 90% of abortion cases. Abortions, by in large, are for the selfish mother’s interests, nothing more. These nurses have a great case. I hope they sue the ever-loving shiite out of these scumbags. In no way is a medical staff member doing anything other than helping to commit murder by assisting in abortions. If the mother’s life is in danger, and there are no other nurses to aid in the surgery, I would say that due to the fact that your job is to protect life, you may have to assist. But, this is cosmetic killing, nothing more.

    1. Well said! But, I think the 90% number is too low. And for anyone who didn’t know, abortions that truly saved the life of the mother have never been illegal in this country.

  9. Sue them until those in charge are living on the streets and under bridges and in the dark and damp where evil always resides.

      1. Yea, my heart has never bled for pure evil. And those who would perform such an act and then force others to participate have taken evil to new heights that rank right up there with anything that crossed the vicious, evil mind of any mass murderer.
        People like that should be locked up and society should be protected from such rank evil….but, since that can’t happen, sue the living daylights out of those who made that decision.

    1. The political elite has the money to pay armies of attorneys. A nurse does not.

      The judicial is heavily infiltrated with leftist judges if anything even gets that far.

      The government has absolute control over hospitals and healthcare providers because we have given it unlimited regulatory power used to threaten and coerce hospitals and doctors, and we have given the government power over the income of healthcare providers so it now determines who gets reimbursed how much and for what procedures.

      Welcome to the nightmare of socialized medicine.

        1. and if a Presidential candidate or Congressional candidate is not standing on absolute and immediate repeal. they are part of the oligarchy.

    2. Yes, sue the individuals involved, not the hospital. Sue for justice, not for the biggest possible settlement.

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