House Democrats already planning 9/11-style commission to investigate Trump’s coronavirus response…

While the rest of the country is trying to figure out how to keep people safe, Democrats are already planning how to try and turn this pandemic into election success in November:

NBC NEWS – Informal discussions have begun on Capitol Hill about the possibility of creating a panel to scrutinize the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic that would be modeled on the commission that investigated the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, according to four people familiar with the discussions.

They described the discussions as “very preliminary” and involving mostly congressional Democrats.

One option could be a plan to review the administration’s response in the annual National Defense Authorization Act, two of the people said.

The Russia investigation failed. Pelosi and Schiff’s impeachment failed. Now Democrats want to use the pandemic to try and destroy Trump and here’s their unsurprising ringleader:

NBC News does report that some lawmakers say the commission should be done after the election, but I’d be willing to be that those lawmakers are in a very small minority:

But the formation of any commission, or possible congressional investigations, wouldn’t happen until after the country is through the crisis, the people familiar with the discussions said. Some lawmakers have suggested putting off any investigation until after November’s presidential election, they said.

If it can’t start until the country is through the crisis, then Democrats will be praying for this crisis to end quickly so they can begin their investigations into Trump. Because November is only months away! And you can bet this will be the quickest 9/11 style commision report you’ve ever seen and Trump will, of course, be GUILTY with coronavirus blood on his hands…

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