House Democrats demand ICE release all transgender illegal aliens held in detention

In the latest insane demand from Democrats, they are now saying that ICE needs to release all transgender illegal aliens currently in detention. From the Hill:

House Democrats plan to call on a key immigration agency to release all transgender people who are currently being detained, arguing that the U.S. has failed to follow guidelines to protect individuals who face more perilous conditions in detention than other migrants.

“We write to demand the release of all transgender people currently detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE),” the letter to ICE is expected to say, according to an early copy obtained by The Hill.

“Transgender migrants and asylum seekers are particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment, solitary confinement, physical assault, and medical neglect. These inhumane conditions and systematic abuses are evidenced in countless reports and accounts by formally detained people,” continues the letter, which will be addressed to acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf and acting ICE Director Matthew Albence.

I can definitely believe that transgender detainees are at higher risk than others. And that’s because many of those from Latin American countries are actually very bigoted against any kind of non-traditional gender expression.

More from the Hill:

The letter cites research articles from the Human Rights Campaign, Amnesty International and the Center for American Progress in arguing that due to their gender identity, transgender migrants are more likely to face “the pervasive use of solitary confinement” and that they are “97 times more likely to be sexually victimized” compared to “their cis-gender and straight counterparts in detention.”

Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.), who is leading the effort, circulated a letter to other Democratic colleagues last week seeking their signatures on his ICE letter, in which he argues there is a legal basis for releasing the transgender detainees.

Now I do think that ICE should do everything within its power to respect detainees, and yes, even be sensitive to transgender needs, within reason. BUT, I’m sure we can ALL figure out exactly what will happen if ICE actually begins releasing people based on the claim that they are transgenders… all of a sudden there will be MILLIONS of transgender illegal aliens! Ain’t nobody got time for that.

And I hasten to add that the framing on all immigration issues completely ignores that America already accepts about a MILLION immigrants every year! It’s not like allowing or not allowing transgender illegals will show how “compassionate” we are. We’re ALREADY living up to the words on the Statue of Liberty, but no one wants to admit it because it undermines the liberal argument.

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