House Leaders get FBI briefing on Swalwell & China SPY, CNN & MSNBC don’t MENTION his name EVEN ONCE

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy was on air today talking about the fact that a member of the intelligence committee, Eric Swalwell, has ties to a suspected Chinese spy among other red flags. And the FBI briefed leader McCarthy along with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on Friday afternoon. That sure sounds like news, but not if you work at CNN or MSNBC.

Because while all that was going on, neither cable network mentioned Swalwell’s name one single time all day. Not once. NOT. ONCE.

We checked the transcripts. We searched via three different video services, including Grabien. Zero mentions. Y’all can check for yourselves. Zip.

Here’s McCarthy tweeting a clip of his appearance on Fox News. CNN spends ALL DAY watching Fox News and they still didn’t bring it up. NOT EVEN THE BRIEING OF PELOSI BY THE FBI.

Trey Gowdy hit him too. Also on Fox News. Still NOTHING from CNN. Nothing from MSNBC.

From the Daily Caller:

“It’s the hardest committee in all of Congress to get on,” Gowdy replied, noting that members of Congress and even the Intelligence Committee are not required to go through background checks and they are frequently privy to classified information. This, he explained, was why the Speaker and the minority leader were so careful to choose the right people.

“Kevin is 100% right. There are 230 members of the House. You can’t find one that wasn’t dating a Chinese spy?” Gowdy asked. “Out of all 230, you can’t find a single member on the Democrat side that wasn’t involved in a relationship, which he won’t even tell us what it was, Harris. He won’t say whether he was sleeping with her or not. He says it’s classified. How? How is that classified, Eric? I mean you want people to not find out about it but it’s not classified.”

Hey Brian Stelter, hey Oliver Darcy!!! Hey Jake Tapper, hey John King.! Hey Andrea Mitchell, hey Ali Velshi!!

Why are you burying news that’s not flattering to Democrats? Don’t you care about spies and espionage? You sure cared when a suspected Russian spy hung out with NRA people, and they don’t even work for the government, much less have a seat on the HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE!!!

I suggest you all go ask them.

UPDATE: Oh by the way …

You better believe the MSM ain’t even LOOKING into this.

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