‘Housing is a right’ says Ocasio-Cortez, and this is why she’s a million percent WRONG

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez once again displayed how blissfully ignorant she is of even the simplest foundational axioms of economics.

I’m gonna grant this, if those abuses are happening, then they should stop and the government is the right tool of regulation to stop it. However, there is a galaxy-wide gap between that truth and her idiotic conclusion that housing is a right.

This is just like the mumpsimus people who believe that healthcare is a right just because it sounds good. Well all of that idiocy is undone by one fact – no person is entitled to another’s labor. And you can’t have healthcare without labor, and you can’t have housing without labor.

AND ANOTHER THING, this is part of a national push by democrats to impose rent controls in every city and every state. What these damnable idiots don’t understand is that rent is a function of the free market. If it’s high in San Francisco and New York City it’s because there are too many morons like AOC who expect to live there while living on a barista’s wage.

AND if you impose rent controls, quality of living drops precipitously because landlords have no incentive to improve housing to get more rent. This ALL ends up making it WORSE for the poor, but these damnable idiots don’t know that because all they care about is what SOUNDS GOOD.

Easy peasy to understand if you have at least one operating brain cell left, which is sadly, a bar that Ocasio-Cortez does not meet.

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