How bad is crime in Atlanta? This bad… [VIDEO]

A shocking scene was caught on camera on the southside of Atlanta two days ago when a man was shot in the back of the head after getting out of his vehicle.

And nobody did anything except walk away or rob the dead man.

Here’s the video which does not show the actual murder.

I looked the restaurant up on Google maps and it happened beside what looks like a small low-rent strip mall that you’d see on the bad side of town.

I don’t know if this was a truly random shooting or not, but the man who was killed never saw it coming. His like was snuffed out in an instant and the thug who did it clearly stole something from the man before walking away.

The one guy who was sitting there the whole time walked away and others who saw the dead man stole his wallet. There doesn’t appear any Good Samaritan in this video clip even wanting to check and see if the man was still alive.

I do wonder what the murdering scumbag was doing behind the strip mall. Was he buying or selling drugs? Was the guy he killed someone he’d just done business with? The whole scene looks very seedy to me but, as @stillgray said on Twitter, “just another day in Atlanta”.

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