“How dare they!!!” – Kamala gets all uppity about potential Roe v Wade decision

In one of the most predictable responses anyone has had to the potential decision from the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade, Kamala Harris decided to weigh in with “How dare they!!!”

I have no idea where she is today, but that ‘how dare they’ response is pretty weak. Also, it’s just wrong.

Nobody is telling women what to do with their body, per se, but with the body inside their body that absolutely deserves protecting. To claim it’s just ‘their body’ ignores the fact that the fetus growing in them is a human being, a person, a child with a heart, a brain, arms, legs, and a body.

Abortion is, for the most part, an act of selfishness that takes the life of child and that is inexcusable. I will never apologize for calling it murder because that’s exactly what it is and I hope the Supreme Court holds true and gets rid of this horrible ruling.

Then the fight becomes overturning these pro-baby murder laws in each of these blue states.

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