How dumb IS Chris Wallace, exactly? His interview of Greg Abbott has your answer. (Hint: VERY.)

Why would you ever audit the election results in a state where Trump is already the winner? Isn’t that a huge waste of money? That’s the absolutely doggone STUPID question asked on Fox News Sunday this morning.

Why would Trump, or Texas, or MAGA, or ANYONE ever want to check the integrity of the vote if they already won? (I’ll answer that at the end of the post.)

Chris Wallace began this last question for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott with a self-satisfied, bemused little chuckle fit. Ha ha ha how silly is election fraud, he emoted, mugging for the camera.

Of course, it’s not silly at all. That’s why every state in the United States has multiple processes designed theoretically for the purpose of ensuring the integrity of its votes. They have security guards, they have rules about electioneering, they have hours voting is open and hours voting is not. These are all measures to make sure we have an orderly, secure, verifiable process that is free of fraud, abuse, or theft.

But that’s all a big larf to Chris Wallace. His utterly dazed by the idea that you might audit an election to make sure nothing went wrong and, if it did, correct problems for future elections. The idea that a state might have an obligation to its citizens to investigate claims of fraud or abuse is even MORE alien to him.

Must be TRUMP, he insists. What difference would that make, I wonder. If Trump said “don’t murder” would that mean stopping a murder was something to chuckle smugly about? Its so demonstrative of the asinine and dominant attitude in media, of which Wallace is one of the most predictably absurd parts.

Why would Trump, or Texas, or MAGA, or ANYONE ever want to check the integrity of the vote if they already won? That question is the epitome of the press. It’s why Biden ISN’T interested in Arizona and neither are they. They think it doesn’t matter if you’re happy with the result.

And that’s the difference with the rest of us. We care that it’s done right. EVEN WHEN IT COMES OUT IN OUR FAVOR.

The fact that this never even occurred to Wallace says a helluva lot about him.

ps: Here’s what he looks like without all the TV makeup and special effects, I’m pretty sure.

Seems about right to me.

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