‘How to win the Black Vote bigly!’ a one-tweet course from Trump University

El Trumpo took the occasion of a horrible tragedy to shout, “I WAS RIGHT!!!” at the African American community, which is about as good as his African-American outreach is going to get.

Here it is, “How to win the Black Vote,” a one-tweet course from Trump University:

And this was the second time he posted it – he had actually spelt the guy’s name wrong the first time.

Probably condolences would have been better:

Wade’s cousin was shot and killed in Chicago while pushing her baby in a stroller in what Wade called “another act of senseless gun violence” on Friday. While walking near a school a mile and a half from the University of Chicago, two males fired shots at a third male and hit 32-year-old Nykea Aldridge in the head and arm, according to police. Her baby wasn’t hurt.

All all caps triumphant self-congratulatory tweet isn’t terribly good PR, but it follows in the pattern we see from Trump’s marketing – he regularly regurgitates the talking points from the echo chamber right-wing blogs and social media. It’s persuasive to right-wingers to spout death stats from Chicago to prove Democrat policies are failing, but the tone shouldn’t be one of triumphalism.

Unless you just want to anger African-Americans, like these people:

Look, I’m not saying he’s racist. I’m saying he’s putting enough out there to make himself open to the accusation. When a black person is killed in Chicago he screams, “I TOLD YOU SO!!” but he gives condolences for Kate Steinle’s family:

It’s really a weird aggressive “in your face” African-American outreach. Does anyone actually think this is effective?

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